Actual photograph of Harpo's


Prank call victim location

Associated Victim(s)

Ashley, Lauren the Drunk STD Girl, and Drunk Girl 3


29 S. 10th St.
Columbia, Missouri

Additional Info

Harpo's is a sports bar in Columbia, Missouri that is popular with students of nearby University of Missouri-Columbia. It had a payphone, originally located next the bathrooms, that was first called in 2008 by Nomadcowatbk, but it was removed in early 2010, possibly due to the repeated calls. A nearby payphone, which has also received its share of prank calls, was reportedly vandalized in December 2011.[1] Victims who answered the payphone inside Harpo's included the Drunk Girls Trio: Ashley, Lauren the Drunk STD Girl, and Drunk Girl 3.

Bar payphone

The famous payphones called by Nomadcowatbk


  1. NOMADCOWATBK's payphone vandalized on YouTube

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