Herbert Bail Bonds
Herbert bail bonds
Actual photo of Herbert Bail Bonds


147 N. Eulicid Drive
Upland, California


Fred and Mike Herbert


John, Ron (last names unknown), Mike Herbert,


Business, Prank call victim location

Associated Victim(s)

Bail Bondsman and Mike Herbert

 Herbert Bail Bonds is the place of business that the Bail Bondsman owns in Upland, California. The business was first victimized in June of 2009.[1]

The number was lost for some time, then was later rediscovered in February 2012 (called The Great Rediscovery) by CootPrankCalls, who tried, but ultimately failed to keep it secret in order to prevent the business from falling victim to incessant harassment. Much like the number for Duncan Construction, it was eventually found by unknown third parties and widely distributed on YouTube and other places. As a result, Herbert Bail Bonds has been regularly called by multiple pranksters since the rediscovery of its number. It has mainly been the Bail Bondsman and an employee of his, assumed to be John, that have been victimized. 

Evidence has come to light that Fred's son, Mike Herbert, is part-owner of Herbert Bail Bonds, leading some in the prank calling community to believe that Fred may be considering retirement. It is unknown at this time if the continuous onslaught of prank calls may be a factor in the decision, if true. It is unknown when Fred sold part- ownership of the company to Mike.


  1. Angry Black Gangsta vs Bail bondsman on YouTube

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