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Hulk Hogan and Duke Nuke Duncan Construction
Telephone ringing twn


Prank Call

Prank Caller


Soundboard(s) used

Hulk Hogan, Duke Nukem





A returning wrestler and returning video game character want their shot at calling Duncan.


Call #1

Duncan: Duncan Construction.
Hulk Hogan: How you doing my friend?
Duncan: ...
Hulk Hogan: I was a real horse's ass. I apologise.
Duncan: Hey asshole, aren't you a little bit old to be playin' pranks?
Hulk Hogan: I'm Hulk Hogan.
Duncan: (long pause) You god-damned counterfeit son-of-a-bitch you.
Hulk Hogan: Sylvester Stallone wants you to appear in his next Rocky movie.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #2

[*phone rings*]
Duncan: Hello?
Duke Nukem: Damn, you're ugly.
Duncan: Well "damn", how do you know you son-of-a-bitch? You can't even-
Duke Nukem: You guys suck!
Duncan: Yeah, well I-
Duke Nukem: You're an inspiration for birth control!
Duncan: -cocksucker you.
Duke Nukem: Blow it out your ass!
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #3 (final)

[*phone rings*]
Duncan: Hello?
Duke Nukem: I've got balls of steel!
Duncan: What do you want?
Duke Nukem: I'd oughta' break a broom handle off in your ass.
Male victim: Ohh, you stupid cock-sucker. You're probably .. big and fat. You couldn't even see me.
Duke Nukem:You talkin' to me?
Duncan: [*hangs up*]
Duke Nukem: Damn, I'm good.

[End of call]


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