Irate Black Man Compilation
Telephone ringing twn


Lost Victim Prank Call

Prank Caller

Scarletredtv, Skyphor later on

Soundboard(s) used

Irate Black Man


3 guys and 1 girl



Though the call has been removed, Irate Black Man Compilation will never be forgotten, as some info is still known of it. The call starts with the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, the track "Bring Out The Gimp", the music then starts and lasts for the whole call, while the Irate Black man would make his threats, the victims are 2 Asians and 2 other people that just appear briefly to tell the Irate Black Man Off. The video was first called "Bring Out The Gimp" by Scarletredtv and later on "Irate Compilation" by Skyphor. It's important to note that the call is not by w3baholicx since many say that calls with music in the background are by said user.

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