Itzmurda81 calls Duncan and successfully makes a business deal
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Itzmurda81 calls Duncan and successfully makes a business deal is a soundboard prank call made by Itzmurda81.


Call #1

Duncan: Duncan Construction.
Itzmurda81: Uh, yes. I was wonderin' about, uh, getting a building built. Maybe about 40x60? I just was wondering, uh, if you, uh, if you did business over here in Lincoln ... Arkansas?
Duncan: Um, where in Arkansas?
Itzmurda81: Lincoln.
Duncan: Lincoln. Hmm, well let's see...ok. How tall do you want it?
Itzmurda81: Ah, probably about 40x60. Maybe about 12 inch walls.
Duncan: Ok. Uh-
Itzmurda81: Um-
Duncan: Galvanized or painted?
Itzmurda81: I want it galvanized.
Duncan: Ok.
Itzmurda81: I don't like all that color and stuff.
Duncan: [Unintelligible]
Itzmurda81: Uhh, additional r..[unintelligible]
Duncan: How many doors do you want on it?
Itzmurda81: I'm gonna need about two doors. One in the front, one in the back.
Duncan: Ok, we can build that for you.
Itzmurda81: And I'm gonna need um-
Duncan: Build that building for you.
Itzmurda81: I, I, think-
Duncan: Go ahead.
Itzmurda81: Do you do, uh, ridged vents, uh, any windows or skylights an' anything like that?
Duncan: Sure we do!
Itzmurda81: Oh, ok. Uh, what about insulation, uh, or like, like screws in lieu of nails or anything like that? 'Cause I, I don't like nails.
Duncan: Insulation?
Itzmurda81: Yeah. My-
Duncan: Insulation's gonna run you $2.00 per square foot. Floor space. And windows are-
Itzmurda81: That don't sound too bad.
Duncan: Yeah.
Itzmurda81: Alright, uh-
Duncan: Windows are $250 each.
Itzmurda81: Hmm. That don't sound half bad. Um, do- would I go to your office and, uh, and .. maybe schedule a meetin' or somethin' like that?
Duncan: Um, about a week. Yeah.
Itzmurda81: About a week? Alright sir, I will see you in a week and ... I do appreciate it.
Duncan: Yes sir. Thank you.
Itzmurda81: Thanks. Have a good day.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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