Jack Black
Jack Black
Jack Black in 2006, promoting his movie Nacho Libre


Celebrity Soundboards


Actor, Musician, Songwriter







Thomas Jacob "Jack" Black is an American comedian, actor and musician. He makes up one half of the comedy and satirical rock duo Tenacious D, who has three albums as well as a television series and a film. Black has starred in a number of high-profile films such as Waterworld, The Cable Guy, Mars Attacks!, High Fidelity, Orange County, School of Rock, Envy, Shark Tale, King Kong, Nacho Libre, Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2. Jack Black is one of the five most popular celebrity soundboards on the internet (the other four are Al Pacino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Pesci and Samuel L. Jackson). His soundboard is used mainly for prank calling fast food restuarants, like McDonald's, Burger King, etc.

Soundboard Prank Calls

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