Jackass Plumber is ready for the world to end
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Prank Call

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Soundboard(s) used

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Jackass Plumber



Jackass Plumber is ready for the world to end is a soundboard prank call made by CommandoRunningMan on December 20, 2012. The prankster used a text-to-voice program to talk to the victim.


Call #1

Jackass Plumber: Hello. Can I help ya?
CommandoRunningMan: Are you ready for the world to end tomorrow?
Jackass Plumber: Maybe.
CommandoRunningMan: Really? Are you going to get drunk tonight?
Jackass Plumber: (laughs) No.
CommandoRunningMan: Why not?
Jackass Plumber: Why would I? Just to watch the whole fuckin' ... reality come true?
CommandoRunningMan: To celebrate the end of the world.
Jackass Plumber: I wouldn't want to wake up tomorrow with a hangover and see that!
CommandoRunningMan: You're a homeless retard, aren't you?
Jackass Plumber: Yeah, fuck you. (laughs) [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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