FANDOM is a prank calling website which specializes mostly in Jack Nicholson soundboard prank calls. The website features a customized version of the Nicholson soundboard, the Jackulator 9000, which is arguably the most advanced celebrity soundboard on the internet. Established in 2007, Team Jackulator has released over 450 calls from July 2007 to October 2011. The calls are known for their realistic style and large variety of interesting lines. Popular YouTube pranksters Metalboss44, Scr1ptic07, and W3baholic are among the members of Team Jackulator.[1] In addition to Nicholson, the site also features soundboards and prank calls of Bill Clinton, Bill Murray and some others.

Some pranksters dislike the website's policy of only offering its most advanced soundboards to regular and loyal posters on the forums. Regulars to the site, however, normally argue that this is justified given the time and effort that went into creating the unusually complex Jackulator 9000 soundboard.


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