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Avatar used by Jayuzumi on YouTube, Newgrounds and other websites.


Jay Trott


Prank caller




Essex county, UK


1986 (age 27)

HIS name is fakob not jacob guys, he fakes everything. if you see him throw a watermelon at him and an additional thing that fakob has smalll dik

Content Theft ControversyEdit

Much like Eric "eBaum" Bauman, Jayuzumi has come under fire from the Prank Calling Community in recent months for content theft, namely taking audio from existing celebrity soundboards made by the popular prank callers, AntiVenom9808, the Webmaster at Realm of Darkness, and now Darkshadow667, creating his own soundboards with it, without asking their permission or giving credit to them for compiling the original audio in the first place. To make matters worse, he also sells the pirated soundboards for profit over a Google Apps store.[1]


Actual likeness of Jayuzumi

The soundboards using audio compiled by AntiVenom9808 primarily consist of Dragon Ball Z soundboards, such as Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo and Nappa, but other soundboards have had their audio copied as well, such as Austin Powers. Many Family Guy and Star Wars soundboards have had their quotes taken from soundboards made by the Realm of Darkness Webmaster. Aside from the same selection of quotes being available on the Google App sounbdboards, and their audio content being identical, including customization and sound filtering, their descriptions have also been copied straight from the Realm of Darkness website.

Darkshadow667 has also had his Deadpool soundboard copied. The original soundboard was posted on August 25, 2013. Jayuzumi's pirated copy was posted days later, on September 4th.

Several weeks later Jayuzumi removed his soundboards from his app store and replaced all of the links in his video to product he titled "trolling soundboard". Currently the soundboard remains the only app available on his Google app store. What caused Jayuzumi to remove his apps remains unknown, although speculation suggests that the overall controversy was probably not worth the while for him, or he didn't want to risk any potential backlash from the studios who own the copyright for the audio.

Reaction from AntiVenom9808Edit

AntiVenom9808 has not responded well to Jayuzumi using audio from his soundboards, uploading a video to his channel on September 1, 2013 stating that using his soundboards' audio without recognition for the hours spent compiling the quotes 'irked' him. He has adamantly stated that he doesn't care about the money involved, but feels that Jayuzumi's actions are "unfair to those of us who actually took the time to sift through hours worth of episodes and movies to get the quotes we needed"[2]and merely wants credit where credit is due.

On September 8, in response to frivolous complaints filed by Jayuzumi-supporters (who had previously threatened to do so), or possibly Jayuzumi himself, YouTube removed Antivenom9808's warning video, claiming that it was a violation of their policy against "spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content."

Reaction from Realm of DarknessEdit

On the same day that AntiVenom9808 uploaded his video on the 'theft' situation, Realm of Darkness issued an update about Jayuzumi, stating that people have been sending in emails about the copied soundboards, some including complaints over the blatant copying, and expressed concern over the possibility of future soundboards being copied and sold.

The next day, on September 2, he issued a follow-up post, with more information about the situation,[3] including screenshots of an email that Jayuzumi had sent to him in March 2013, requesting exclusive advance rights to any new soundboards. Also included in the post were a picture of Jayuzumi's actual likeness and the revelation of his real name, Jay Trott.

Reaction from Darkshadow667Edit

Darkshadow667 stated that he 'didn't care so much' about the copying but wished that Jayuzumi had asked the maker of the boards first, and that "it would be better if he let us know he wanted to use our sounds as opposed to just taking the time to clip them from the movies/cartoons/games himself. Not claim he did it all."

Reaction from Billybob JamesEdit

The YouTube prankster posted a video warning about Jayuzumi's actions. The original video was flagged by Jayuzumi and indefinitely upset the prankster, however, the same video was later re-uploaded, along with another, calling for his arrest. The prankster went as far as to create a petition to bring him to justice.

Possible Legal Issue and Reaction from JayuzumiEdit

Jayuzumi has made hundreds, if not thousands of dollars selling his soundboard apps, something that technically qualifies as copyright violation and is therefore, quite likely illegal, since he does not legally own the rights to any of the celebrity audio content in the apps he sells.

When confronted over the content theft, however, he has simply ignored it for the most part, choosing not to respond to any emails and also removing any posts that people have written about it from his Facebook page and YouTube channel and then banning the poster, a typical move of a person who knows they're in possible legal trouble. Furthermore, a few YouTube users have stated that in rare instances where he has spoken about it via private messages, he has been completely unapologetic for his actions. MrVann123, for example, claims that after calling him out on it when the content theft first started, Jayuzumi replied to him by saying:

"If you saw a chance to make money, would[n't] you take it?"[4]

Public ReactionEdit

Most prank callers and prank call fans have reacted negatively when informed of the theft and sympathize with AntiVenom9808 and the Realm of Darkness Webmaster. As of late September, this has resulted in more than 2,000 of them unsubscribing from Jayuzumi's YouTube channel, making a small, but significant dent in his fanbase of nearly 200,000 subscribers. Many prank callers and fans hold a great dissent and many are trying to get the law involved.

However, a few diehard Jayuzumi fans, such as AgentGibbs, and other voices of dissent have been quick to dismiss the controversy as a case of "jealousy" on AntiVenom9808's part, with some even going so far as to taunt him by writing that Jayuzumi is a much better prank caller than he ever was—an opinion that many traditional soundboard prank callers and prank call fans, including popular prank caller Seeco1000, have been quick to disagree with, calling his offerings unfunny. Dissenters also point out that AntiVenom9808 and the Realm of Darkness Webmaster don't legally own the audio, either, because it was all taken from movies and TV shows. This, they contend, means that they have no right to complain if someone else pirates their work. This viewpoint works in contradiction of their purpose of defending Jayuzumi, as AntiVenom9808 and the Webmaster of Realm of Darkness are non-profit, but would indict Jayuzumi with copyright infringement.

Warning Video Edit

After AntiVenom9808's warning video was taken down by YouTube, a second, more in-depth video exposing and explaining Jayuzumi's actions was anonymously posted on YouTube. The first individual to upload the video was the user HarlemBarber, although he alleges that he was not the one who made it.

YouTube user Billybob James posted a similar video, but it was later flagged by Jayuzumi himself and taken down, only for the prankster to post a video less than an hour later.

A file link has also been provided for the video to be downloaded and spread. HarlemBarber was likely just the first user to upload the new video.

Angered by the new videos, at least one of Jayuzumi's supporters, a YouTube user who calls himself "Agent Gibbs" has threatened to falsely report them as "spam or commercially misleading content", saying,

"Just like the last video, this will be taken down for misleading text or scam. I see why most of the best prank callers like w3b, metalboss44, soundboardking, and briancamino and most of the best soundboard makers left the community years ago."

This seems to indicate that AgentGibbs is probably the one who got the original warning video by AntiVencom9808 taken down. There are significant indications that Jayuzumi himself not only knows about AgentGibbs' flagging of videos that criticize him, but may actually have been the one who put him up to it in the first place.

Petition Edit

On September 15th, 2013, prank caller BillyBobJames created a petition on titled "Federal Bereau of Investigation: Extradite and Try Jay Trott for 41 counts of Copyright infringment".

"Jay Trott, better known as "Jayuzumi" or "Celeb Gamer" has been creating soundboards using copywritten audio, which is totally legal under existing copyright laws, but he sells them in the Google App Market and has already made thousands of dollars. He does not pay royalties to their respective owners and does not even credit the owners or creators of the original soundboards, which he took all the audio from."

Content SolicitationEdit

According to the prank caller, Wilford Brimley and others, Jayuzumi has been soliciting popular soundboard prank callers for content to use on his channel, since at least early 2013, with the (apparently false) promise of giving them full credit.

For example, in February 2013, he sent the following private message to Whoruandwherdyoulive:

"Hi Prank caller, I also use soundboards. I am currently in the process of allowing other people to submit their soundboard content onto my channel. So we could become a soundboard community. I've watched your videos and it would be great to use your content. The benefits of submitting 1 -- Your video will be seen by thousands of viewers and you will be fully credited as the creator so many of our fans will check out your channel. 2 -- The link to your channel will be throughout the whole video in the corner as well as in the description. 3 -- If it is a soundboard prank call I will edit it with subtitles If you are interested in this please reply with the links to your videos, if you have any future videos that you would like to submit just PM me. What we are mainly looking for -- Soundboards during games and soundboard prank calls. Many Thanks,Jayuzumi"[5]

Whoruandwherdyoulive's response (sent to Wilford Brimley in a message):

"Seen a few of Jayuzumi's videos. They can be funny in places but that message is equivalent of saying, I want to use other peoples shit to make royalties of off youtube. Which is bullshit"

Jayuzumi Liar

Screencap of Jayuzumi's messages to AntiVenom9808. Click to view full-size version.

AntiVenom9808 has also provided the following excerpts from a conversation he had with Jayuzumi in February 2013:

"Hi Venom. People will be submitting their prank calls to my channel soon. Would you like to post any of your calls on my channel? Will give you full credit for the video and will have a link to your channel throughout the whole video and in the description. If interested mate please reply with the video url's"

"Hey man thanks. Your soundboards are awesome. There are a few soundboards that I could really do with. In return I'll put you in my other channel tab. These are the most requested if you could do some of these that would be awesome. Flanders, Sheldon Cooper, Vaas, Morgan Freeman, Dante, Lisa Simpson, Sasuke (from Naruto) , Liam Nelson, Harry Potter and Dexter. I appreciate the amount of time it takes to create a soundboard. Thanks. Jay"

On September 2, the Webmaster at Realm of Darkness released the following email that he received on March 14, 2013, in which Jayuzumi selfishly asked that every new soundboard submitted to the site be given to him in advance.[3] Apparently, another YouTube user, Darknessgta4[6] (whom, it is said, makes much better videos and does not steal credit for the soundboards used), had beaten Jayuzumi to the punch and made some videos that were similar to ones that he had planned to do and he wanted to get an unfair leg-up on his competition. Needless to say, his request was not granted.


Screencap of Jayuzumi's selfish email to Realm of Darkness. Click to view full-size version.

"Hey Realm I want to ask you a favor totally understand if you don't wanna do it. There is a guy on youtube who uses your soundboards and makes the same video's as me. But as soon as you release one like TED for example he makes a video straight away with it. So if I do it after him people are saying I'm copying him which is annoying because he copied my idea to begin with. I upload videos on a Thursday and was wondering if you would be able to send me the soundboard before you release it to me on say a Friday so I could use it to complete my video then you could upload it your site?
I know this is a bit rude to ask but would only be for the main people I requested. I'm also making my own soundboards which I have attached one.
So overall would you mind letting me use your soundboards a week before you upload it?
PS - Currently working on a Morgan Freeman soundboard"

Given his history of content theft, these revelations raise the question of whether or not any of the soundboard pranks on his channel are actually his own work at all.

Prior to an unknown point in the summer of 2013, all of Jayuzumi's videos that featured soundboards from Realm of Darkness had backlinks in the description that lead to the original soundboards used. These have all since disappeared and have been replaced with his own soundboard apps, and all mention of Realm of Darkness has vanished from his videos.


External LinksEdit

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