Joe Pesci Calls an Irate Black Man
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Irate Black Man




Joe pesci calls an irate black man

Joe Pesci calls an irate black man who quickly loses his temper and begins making a series of threats. This is the call which gave rise to the victim now known as Irate Black Man. Interestingly, he made some effort here to keep his explosive temper in check and actually tried to reason with Pesci before threatening or challenging him to meet him somewhere. The next time he was called, his tone was decidedly more hostile and would remain so for all subsequent calls.


[*Phone rings*]

Irate Black Man: Hello?
Joe Pesci: I've been tryin' to reach you, you're tougher to get than the President.
Irate Black Man: Who is speaking?
Joe Pesci: Where the fuck you get off talkin' to people about me behind my back, goin' over my head?
Irate Black Man: Who are you talkin' to, man? Who are--who you--who are you tryin' to talk to?
Joe Pesci: What'd ya think, you think I wasn't gonna find out?
Irate Black Man: Who are you talkin' to?!
Joe Pesci: You said I'm bringin' heat on you? I gotta listen to people because of your fuckin' shit?! You're orderin' me out?! You better get your own fuckin' army, pal!
Irate Black Man: Who--who--who do you wanna talk to, man? This is DeNardo Monroe! Who are you tryin' to talk to?
Joe Pesci: I'm what counts out here! Not your fuckin' country clubs or your fuckin' TV shows!
Irate Black Man: What da fuck...are you trippin'?! I don't even know you! Who are you, man?!
Irate Black Man: Ha ha! You sound like a shithead, man...a little motherfucker... Who are you, man?! Tell me who you are!
Joe Pesci: Get this through your head, you Jew motherfucker, you...!
Irate Black Man: I ain't a Jew, man! I'm a black man, alright? A black man...twice as big as you! Now, I'm tryin' to be nice...who da fuck are you talkin' to?! Who you tryin' to talk to?! Somebody piss you off?!
Joe Pesci: You only exist out here because of me! That's the only reason! Without me you personally, every fuckin' wiseguy still around would take a piece of your fuckin' Jew ass! Then where you gonna go?!
[*Irate Black Man trying to say something while Pesci rants*]
Irate Black Man: I'm gonna beat yo ass, yo mama's ass, yo daddy's ass and leave you in a fuckin' garbage can, bitch! I ain't no fuckin' Jew! I'm a nigger! A black nasty motherfucker, you feel me?! Meet me somewhere, bitch! You'll get fucked up! I'm da type of motherfucker dat likes ta shoot motherfuckers! You wanna meet me somewhere, bitch?! We can do dat. I got yo dick on, motherfucker! You think yo talkin' to a Jew...nigger, I'm a black motherfucker and I'll stomp yo ass like da fuckin' mud you are, bitch! Get yo shit straight when yo callin' somebody else's crib, motherfucker.
[*hangs up*]

[*End of call*]