Junkyard Willie Robinson


Prank Call Victim


Janitor, former junkyard operator


unknown, possibly middle-aged




Compton, California







Junkyard Willie Robinson is a fictional character created by Pete Zoghi who first appeared on the debut Touch-Tone Terrorists album "Appetite For Disruption" in 1998. A gravelly-voiced African-American man with a bad attitude, he is known for launching off into litanies of curse words and Ebonics, then filibustering during the arguments that ensue. He frequently threatens to "pee in yo gas tank" and tells customers to "calm yo ass down!" as well as using variations of phrases that include "jive turkey", "talkin' trash", and "old bag".

Willie is from Compton, California, and used to be an operator of a junkyard where he would shine hubcaps. According to at least one tirade against an irate customer, he claims to have been a Drill instructor in the Army. Junkyard Willie was one of several Touch-Tone Terrorists featured on the TV show Crank Yankers on Comedy Central and MTV2.


  • "Yeah, this is Willie the janitor. Listen, uh, I've been fixin' to find out who over there was the last to use the bathroom on Friday. Was that you?"
  • "Yeah, I can .. I can stink up the place like you can't believe!"
  • "You don't want to have to clean that up do ya'?"
  • "You're the one who left the log in there."
  • "Well can somebody, can uh, I-I .. i-it took me a long, it took me twenty, twenty-five minutes just to, just to flush that shit away and clean the damn bowl. Somebody left a big ole' dump in there."

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