Kerpal calls Arnold Schwarzenegger
Telephone ringing twn


Celebrity Prank Call

Prank Caller

Soundboard(s) used



Arnold Schwarzenegger



Kerpal's dog was kicked by Arnold's daughter, so he calls Arnold to set the situation straight.


[*phone rings*]
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Good morning!
Kerpal: Hello. Is Abtar there?
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Who are you?
Kerpal: This is Kerpal. I was just calling because I live down the street from you and your daughter come to my house today and she kicked my dog.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: C'mon, don't bullshit me.
Kerpal: I saw her and then I-
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Stop whining!
Kerpal: I saw her and I-I-
Arnold Schwarzenegger: STOP IT!
Kerpal: (softly) You bastard.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Who are you?!
Kerpal: YOU KNOW DAMN RIGHT! I'm going to call the police. My dog...she kicked it.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: I'm a cop, you idiot!
Kerpal: What?
Arnold Schwarzenegger: I'm Detective John Kimble!
Kerpal: Don't lie you .. fucking guy!
Arnold Schwarzenegger: You .. son of a bitch!
Kerpal: Fuck you!
Arnold Schwarzenegger: I hope you left room for my fist because I'm going to ram it into your stomach!
Kerpal: [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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