Mikey Robinson, also known simply as Mikey is an American video editor and has been the executive producer, technical adviser and occasional co-host of Dialtone Disasters since 2014. Mikey is known for making and revamping soundboards using the flash method. One of the most popular soundboards he has created is High Blood Pressure Lady.


"Mikey" started into the community a few years ago, behind the scenes, helping Mobiethian with his "Prank Call Spree" Series. Since then, he has created Kickstart Kranks and is active on Moonlight Pranks.

Kickstart KranksEdit

Kickstart Kranks is a project started by "Mikey Robinson" from The Kyra and Mobiethian Show (Now Moonlight Pranks) in April 2014. Mikey occasionally uploads his own calls but mostly makes soundboards for the show and upon request from other pranksters.

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