Redneck Lady
Traditional Depiction of Letty Bennett


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard




Known, but withheld by the Pranksters


c. 1950 (age 66–67)





Redneck Lady (real name: Letty Bennett) is a prank call victim discovered by Jonny0989 in 2012. She has been the victim of multiple three-way calls, as well as a large variety of soundboards, such as Tiesha, Deputy Martin, Rick the Mullet Man, and the Chinaman. She was also frequently been called by PranksAreUs83.

According to PranksAreUs83, during a live broadcast of The Kyra and Mobiethian Show, the Redneck Lady would always pick up the phone no matter what time of the day it was. Not only she would answer the phone, but family members would answer as well (see table below). During a call to her residence, Lally talked to one of her grand children (assumed to be anywhere from 3-5 years old) and made them cry, only enraging the young woman there even more. The other victims had no tolerance for prank calls either.

The original calls were lost when Jonny0989 closed his YouTube channel in 2012. The victim's number has been disconnected for several years. In February 2014, two Redneck Lady videos by PranksAreUs84 were found, leaving the three original calls by JPranker98 to be lost.

Associated VictimsEdit

Name Image Notes
Letty Bennett (Redneck Lady)

JPranker98's Traditional Depiction of Letty Bennett

The main victim in all of the prank calls (Except PranksAreUs84's Easter Special, because all her family, except her husband, answer the phone). Her patience was very low for prank calls from the start, since she is always taking care of kids. No matter what time of day it was, or even if the Skype outbound number appeared on the caller ID, she will still answer and scream at the pranksters. It is unknown where her depiction came from.
Letty Bennett's Husband
David Bennett

JPranker98's Traditional Depiction of Letty Bennett's Husband

Not much is known about her husband because he was only called once by JPranker98. The only thing that is known is that he is Letty's husband, and the head of the household.
Young Lady (No Name given)
Letty Bennett Daughter

PranksAreUs83's Traditional Depiction of Letty Bennett's Daughter

Discovered by JPranker98 in the original calls, just like Letty herself, the young lady had no tolerance for prank callers. It is unknown whether Letty is her mother, aunt or friend, although she does make the voicemail greeting for the house. Unlike her presumed mother, she does cuss at the pranksters, and can be heard yelling in the background to whoever answers the phones (Most notably the young man when he talks to the Jesus Lady). One of her presumed children (anywhere from ages 3-5) answered the phone and cried when Lally told them "You are Gay with me", which only made her snap even more. She is depicted as May Kanker from the cartoon Ed, Edd, n Eddy. 
Young Man (No Name Given)
Letty Bennett Son

PranksAreUs83's Depiction of Letty Bennett's Son

Discovered By PranksAreUs84 during his Easter Special, the young man quickly snapped at Blue Iris and threathened to "beat the fuck out of her". He then "calls" the sherrif's department while talking to the prankster and unsuccessfully tries to scare him away when the supposed sherrif say's "Monday morning, you will go to jail." It is unknown whether the sherrif was an actual one, a friend pretending to be a sherrif, or a recording (although The Country Woman's husband is a cop). He is depicted as criminal Joshua Lee Joehlin. It is unknown if the Young Man is the Redneck Lady's son, nephew, or family friend.
The Country Woman
Country Woman

PranksAreUs83's Depiction of The Country Woman.

Discovered by both PranksAreUs84 and JPranker98 during the easter special, she just makes fun of the prank callers whenever she answers the phone at the Bennett residence. It appears she doesn't understand the law because she thinks "It's illegal for a 26 year old to date a 58 year old". When she was asked if she was a redneck, she stated she was a country woman (which is where her name comes from). She claims to be married to a cop (which could possibly be the cop that was on the phone with the Young Man). It is unknown whether The Country Woman is a sister, cousin, or family friend of the Redneck Lady. 

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2012 JPranker98 calls Office assholes N Redneck Lady Jonny0989 Redneck Lady Original call is considered lost. [1]
2012 Chris The Hacker Calls few people JPranker98 Redneck Lady Lost call [2]
2012 Redneck Lady Get A Call JPranker98 Redneck Lady Lost call [3]
June 2012 Lally And Friends Call Letty Bennett The Redneck Lady's House PranksAreUs83 Redneck Lady Lost, but rediscovered in Feburary 2014 [4]


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