Main article: List of prank call victimsThis is a list of Bail Bondsman-era prank call victims.


Name Image Caller First call Last call Comments
Alabama Dimwit No image
Harassment CALLER
Jack Inoff
March 3, 2014[1] N/A This was a one-time call.
Alabama Frank Alabama Frank Whoruandwherdyoulive August 14, 2012 June 26, 2013
Albert the CCL Manager No image
CCLMiami 2012[2] 2013[3] Refuses to speak after hearing himself back on the soundboard by FridockShir and CCLMiami.[4]
Angie Angie Whoruandwherdyoulive October 9, 2012[5] January 7, 2013[6]
Angie's employee AE Pranktz October 30, 2012[7] January 7, 2013[6]
Angry Andy AA DevanPx June 3, 2012[8] September 5, 2012[9]
Angry Detroiter AD Whoruandwherdyoulive March 27, 2012[10] October 9, 2012[11]
Angry Grandma's Boy Angry Grandma's Boy Springfeel December 2, 2014[12] N/A This was a one-time call.
Angry Italian Guy AIG Picklepranks August 17, 2012[13] N/A This was a one-time call.
Angry Republican Photo Egojames007 July 9, 2013 N/A This was a one-time call.
Arizona Couple No image
TheDamonGant January 10, 2014[14] February 19, 2014[15]
Arkansas Hillbilly (Duncan victim) AH2 Whoruandwherdyoulive October 15, 2011[16] February 15, 2012[17] Calls ended when the Arkansas Hillbilly discovered the soundboard community.
Backpage Slut No image
Gregory Stevens
Prank Hill
December 1, 2012[18] December 7, 2012[19]
Bail Bondsman Bailbondsman Heavyshell3k June 3, 2009


July 18, 2013


Currently active. He was rediscovered by CootPrankCalls in February, 2012.
Bert the Desk Clerk Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 2.06.59 PM Prank Hill 2010 December 8, 2012[22]
Birmingham Redneck Birmingham Flazz684 October 16, 2011[23] June 4, 2012[24]
Calgary Butcher Calgary Wilford Brimley July 20, 2013 August 9, 2013 The victim was discovered during a live broadcast.
Cali Tough Guy Cali Tough Guy DarkandMean February 22, 2014[25] September 12, 2014[26]
Carl's Jr. Guy Carl's Jr. Guy Phuckaducker January 5, 2013[27] N/A This was a one-time call.
Cock Inspector 000089-opt DaeHkiD
December 29, 2012[28] October 19, 2013[29] Calls ended when victim passed away on July 10, 2014
Cocky Guy Cocky Guy KKKRulesUNiggers31 May 22, 2012[30] June 1, 2012[31]
Compton Barber Compton Barber Lee0nline1 August 27, 2012[32] September 15, 2012[33] Calls ended when the prankster closed his YouTube account. The original calls are considered lost.
Confused Old Man ConfusedOldMan Dontcallback[34] October 2011 N/A This was a one-time call.
Cop Screamer Cop Screamer JPranker98[35] 2012 July 9, 2012[36]
Country Guy Annoyed guy Billybob James February 2013[37] August 2, 2013[38]
Craigslist Teenager Craigslist Teen TheDamonGant February 27, 2014[39] September 9, 2014[40]
Crazy Black Gangsta Crazy Black Gangsta SemberiaMedia January 26, 2013 February 20, 2013
Crazy Redneck No image
Americanlackey October 3, 2012[41] N/A This was a one-time call.
Curtis Curtis daeHkiD June 9, 2012[42] N/A This was a one-time call.
Delaware Qweer DQ Whoruandwherdyoulive November 14, 2012[43] N/A This was a one-time call.
Depressed Psycho DepPsy Sir Cranksalot May 3, 2013 N/A This was a one-time call.
Deputy Sling Blade Deputy slingblade Flazz684 October 25, 2011[44] N/A This was a one-time call.
East Texas Hillbilly ETH CommandoRunningMan December 22, 2012[45] February 2, 2014[46]
The Farmers No image
Derangedpranks October 25, 2011[47] October 31, 2011[48]
Fred's Neighbour Fred's Neighbor Puremadnessmann September 7, 2012[49] N/A This was a one-time call.
Fugitive Recovery Agent Fugitive Recovery Agent Kaptaintrips March 9, 2012[50] January 5, 2016[51]
Gangsta Barber Gangsta Barber Frank Prankman November 12, 2011 N/A This was a one-time call.
The Gilmores No image
Derangedpranks March 25, 2012[52] April 1, 2012 [53]
Goober Lady Goober DaeHkiD April 2, 2013 July 15, 2013
Gullible Guy 141112-HarryStyles Wilford Brimley June 14, 2013 August 9, 2013 The victim was discovered during a live broadcast.
The Hay Man The Hay Man Pranktz June 1, 2013 September 14, 2013
Hillbilly Mechanics Hillbilly Mechanics Quitspazzin September 11, 2012[54] September 12, 2012[55]
Inspector General Lady Inspector General Lady CaptainSoundboard December 1, 2011[56] June 20, 2012[57]
Indiana Guy Indiana Guy Sir Cranksalot July 31, 2012[58] N/A
Iranian Family Fucker 3589521608 FridockShir September 16, 2012[59] October 3, 2012[60]
Irate Iowan II Whoruandwherdyoulive July 12, 2012[61] November 3, 2012[62]
The Jerk Off Guy Original Depiction Of The Jerk Off Guy AfghaNPranksteR 2013 N/A This was a one-time call.
Joey down in Anderson Joey Quitspazzin May 9, 2012[63][64] N/A This was a one-time call.
Josh the Juice Head Josh 1ex1uger February 26, 2014[65] N/A This was a one-time call.
Just Got In To Work Lady Jgitwl iBenjafied December 2010 N/A
Karen the Boss KTB Prank Hill October 31, 2012[66] N/A This was a one-time call. Boss of Bert the Desk Clerk and Midge.
Kayla No image
Prank Hill January 6, 2013[67] N/A This was a one-time call.
Kentucky Asshole KA Sir Cranksalot July 14, 2012[68] N/A
Kentucky Fuck Untitled daeHkiD December 4, 2011[69] N/A This was a one-time call.
Kentucky Racist Kentucky Racist Sir Cranksalot July 16, 2012[70] N/A This was a one-time call.
Laundry Bitch Laundry Derangedpranks January 1, 2012[71] N/A This was a one-time call.
Long Beach Hood Rats No image
Dialtone Disasters September 12, 2014[72] N/A This was a one-time call.
Loud Mouth Bitch & Psycho Husband LMB & PSYH SnakeSnakeProduction July 27, 2012[73] August 8, 2012[74] Couple called during the "Pineapple Lane Saga".
Lunatic Stripper Bitch Lunatic Stripper Bitch SEECO1000 December 9, 2011[75] N/A This was a one-time call.
Mafia Lady Mafia Lady ImmaArnie June 10, 2012[76] N/A This was a one-time call.
Maid Service Scammer No image
PranksAreUs83 September 11, 2013 September 14, 2013
Matt the Asshole MA daeHkiD September 18, 2012[77] N/A This was a one-time call.
Mama's Boy Ohiomoma'sboy Wilford Brimley August 2, 2013 September 2, 2013 The victim was discovered during a live broadcast.
The Maneater ME Pranktz November 1, 2012[78] N/A This was a one-time call.
Meat Grinder Mike Mike DaeHkiD June 2012[79] February 6, 2014[80] Currently active
Mexican Faggot MF FC2U February 2012 N/A
Miami Gangsta MG CommandoRunningMan August 8, 2012[81] October 11, 2012[82]
Mini-Mitch No image
Prank Hill 2011[83] December 8, 2012[22]
Missouri Grandma Missouri Grandma Harassment CALLER May 24, 2014[84] N/A This was a one-time call.
Mississippi Redneck Mississippi Redneck Sir Cranksalot August 13, 2012[85] November 29, 2012[86]
Motherlover Motherlover daeHkiD March 21, 2012[87] October 3, 2012[88] A final call was made to Motherlover's Wife by Pranktz on October 26, 2012.[89]
Mr. Bitch Mr. Bitch CalledFromPalmdale May 21, 2014[90] N/A This was a one-time call.
Nasally Mike NM RapidRedial April 25, 2013[91] N/A This was a one-time call.
Off-Duty Sheriff Untitled3 Sir Cranksalot July 11, 2012[92] September 27, 2012[93]
Officer Crazy Officer Crazy 2013 N/A This was a one-time call.
Officer Kasaka Officer Kas 2012 N/A This was a one-time call.
Officer Powell Carl winslow Xaozzz 2012 N/A This was a one-time call.[94]
Ohio Tough Guy Ohio Sonicmaster701 July 11, 2014 [95] N/A
Operator 19 Operator 19 3DPrankz Spring 2012
The Original Seven Mile OG Untitled2 Whoruandwherdyoulive April 10, 2012 N/A This was a one-time call.
Perfect Asshole Perfect Asshole daeHkiD August 23, 2011[96] September 14, 2012[97]
Pissed-Off Canadian Couple No image
TheDamonGant August 10, 2014[98] N/A This was a one-time call.
Pissed-Off Rednecks No image
Derangedpranks August 6, 2011[99] October 6, 2011[100]
Porn Shop Whigger Adult shop thumb-680x345 Tom0900060 November 10, 2012[101] March 8, 2013[102] The calls ended when the victim was informed of the series on YouTube.
The Prosecutor Prosecutor JPranker98 June 5, 2012


November 22, 2013


Currently active
Redneck Lady Hu JPranker98 March 14, 2012[105] April 10, 2012[106] Victim of multiple 3-way conference calls.
Respected Gentleman RG L00n3yTube 2012[107] January 7, 2013[6] The calls ended when the victim was informed of the series on YouTube.
Roxanne from Florida No image
Quitspazzin June 2012[108] N/A This was a one-time call.
Salacious Bartender Salacious Bartender Count Prankula October 10, 2015[109] N/A This was a one-time call.
Seven Eleven Focker 7-11 Derangedpranks August 19, 2011[110] January 1, 2012[71]
Sgt. Chubick Chillicothe cop N/A This was a one-time call.
Sheriff Miranda No image
Derangedpranks April 1, 2012[111] N/A This was a one-time call.
Sherri Sherri Flazz687 2011 N/A This was a one-time call.
Shut up Guy Shut up guy FC2U 2012 December 10, 2012[112]
The Sicko No image
Sir Cranksalot November 22, 2012[113] November 30, 2012[114]
Silly Faggot Man-yelling TehPrankCaller
November 2011 July 28, 2012[115]
Southern Gentleman No image
Prank Hill November 2, 2012[116] January 6, 2013[117]
Stilwell Grandma StilwellGrandma CommandoRunningMan August 19, 2012


February 1, 2014


Calls ended when the victim passed away on August 22, 2016.
Timid Racist Timid Racist FuckinBirmingham May 14, 2014[120] N/A This was a one-time call.
Tom From Phoenix Tom-from-Phoenix daeHkiD January 2, 2015[121] N/A
Tracer Lady Tracer Lady daeHkiD August 30, 2011[122] December 14, 2012[123]
Trenton Punks Untitled Slimedime333 November 12, 2012[124] N/A This was a one-time call.
Wackjob Jason Pranktz April 4, 2013 June 9, 2013
Wayne County Hillbillies Wayne County Peter Sathings January 4, 2013[125] January 9, 2013[126]
Welsh Chief Welsh Chief PureMadnessMann July 23, 2014
Wesley Cocks Wesley MistahBlonde April 30, 2013 October 5, 2013
Westlake Bitch Westlake Bitch L00n3yTube October 23, 2013[127]
Willy Wanda WW Pranktz December 15, 2012[128] July 4, 2013
Wisconsin Teen Dipshit Billybob James July 4, 2013[129] N/A This was a one-time call.


1 Date of original call was lost when uploader closed his YouTube account.


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