The Maid Service Scammer is a Prank call victim discovered by PranksAreUs83 on September 11, 2013. The victim is considered a scammer, so he has no remorse when sharing his number.


The scammer has about 50 vans deployed all over Los Angeles advertising "2 Maids for 2 hours for $45". In reality, it is much more because the maids don't do a proper job of cleaning up, and charge you for cleaning the fridge, carpet, etc. They pretty much do little kid work, and if you call back and complain, the man on the phone, who is named King Jonathan, will harass you. He even told PranksAreUs83 that he is a loser for calling since he is "Scamming and making all of this money and being a mafioso". More information will be provided at a later time.

"Martian Businessmen" VoicemailEdit

On Sept.14, 2013, prankster Billybob James released a voicemail left to him by King Jonathan. Very bizarre in nature, it would be fair to assume that his majesty was under the influence when delivering this poetic-sounding rambling:

"Hey stupid,

I know you’re a hicked-out hillbilly that fucks cows.

But listen, we ALL (are crooks*,)

that’s how we have millions,

that’s why I live in a mansion in Bel-Air~

Dontchu get it, I’m untouch-able…

We’re nationwide, we’re everyewhere

We have beerrrs [stammering repeatedly]

We have business through the outerspace, innerspace, the outer…space

Do you understand; we’re Martians.

We’re aliens, we run this country

We’re Secret Service, the FBI,

We’re better than the nation-wiiiiide~

*Cue brief melody of fart noises*


*Originally an inaudiable whisper, it was carefully discerned to be a self-incriminating confession of criminal activity.


This scam has many numbers.



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