Miss Cleo calls the Jackass Plumber
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Miss Cleo calls the Jackass Plumber is a soundboard prank call made by CommandoRunningMan on December 26, 2012.


Call #1

[*phone rings*]
Jackass Plumber: Hello?
Miss Cleo: Hello! How are you today?!
Jackass Plumber: Ok.
Miss Cleo: Can I get your first name only and your birthdate, please?
Jackass Plumber: No. Who are YOU?
Miss Cleo: I'm Cleo!
Jackass Plumber: You're who?
Miss Cleo: Is there a gentleman in your life?
Jackass Plumber: What the FUCK are you talkin' about?
Miss Cleo: Alright, and what city are you callin' me from?
Jackass Plumber: I'm not callin' you. You're callin' ME.
Miss Cleo: I want you to really remember .. the pill, alright?
Jackass Plumber: What?
Miss Cleo: I'm seein' some forgettin' possibly, and I'm seeing a new baby in the next three months.
Jackass Plumber: Well good luck with your new baby!
Miss Cleo: You have a good life now.
Jackass Plumber: [*hangs up*]

Call #2 (final)

[*phone rings*]
Jackass Plumber: Hello. Can I help ya?
Miss Cleo: We can talk about money, that's fine. I no care, but I am telling you, if you don't get yourself to a doctor, right now, it not going to matter, the rest o' these things. You understand me?
Jackass Plumber: No.
Miss Cleo: Did you have a question?
Jackass Plumber: (laughs) Who the fuck are ya?
Miss Cleo: Osteoporosis runs in your family, correct?
Jackass Plumber: What?
Miss Cleo: Um, I-I don't mean to sidetrack your question here but .. who are all these nosy people, outside influences, I'm seeing around you by the Moon card?
Jackass Plumber: Ohhhh yeah, uh-huh. Eh, uh, maybe it, uh, gee umm, gee um, um, um, umm ... who gives a fuck?
Miss Cleo: You're a Libra, aren'tcha, darlin'?
Jackass Plumber: (laughs sarcasticly) A-ha, aha, aha, aha.
Miss Cleo: Alright, let's take a look. I'm gonna cut the cards for you baby. I'm gonna shuffle 'em one more time.
Jackass Plumber: You shuffle the cards, yeah... [*hangs up*]
Miss Cleo: Hello?

[End of call]


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