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Mr. Rogers calls a Business Woman, and interrupts her business meeting to discuss various topics like his Grandmother Rogers, soccer and his most recent visit to his friends, the Leonards.


Call #1
(Phone rings)
Business woman: Hello?
Mr. Rogers: Hello?
Business woman: Hello?
Mr. Rogers: Do you know who I am?
Business woman: No, I don't.
Mr. Rogers: This is Fred Rogers.
Business woman: Kay?
Mr. Rogers: My Grandmother Rogers taught me how to answer the phone. I remember how kind she was to people when they would call her on the phone. They probably felt really good after they had talked with her. (Pause) Hello?
Business woman: Yeah, I was just in the middle of a business meeting. Can I help you?
Mr. Rogers: Have you ever seen anybody play the game called soccer?
Business woman: Yes.
Mr. Rogers: When I first heard about that game, I thought that people were socking each other.
Business woman: Okay--
Mr. Rogers: (Interrupting) And I don't like to see people hurting one another, but that's not what the game is.
Business woman: Okay, what's the--
Mr. Rogers: (interrupting) No, that's not what soccer's supposed to be.
Business woman hangs up

Call #2 (final)
(Phone rings)
Business woman: Hello?
Mr. Rogers: Hello?
Business woman: What can I do you for?
Mr. Rogers: Did you ever watch beople using real heavy equipment?
Business woman: Do you need something?
Mr. Rogers: Yes.
Business woman: I'm in the middle of an appointment right now.
Mr. Rogers: Could I help you?
Business woman: Well, no, you could look in the yellow pages and find a psychologist for yourself and help yourself.
Mr. Rogers: No! Yo-Yo Ma. Do you know what a pediatrician is? (Pause) Hello?
Business woman: Are you threatening me?
Mr. Rogers: No! I remember a time not very long ago when I went to see my friends, the Leonards. And they let me try their real backhoe and see their high lift.
Business woman: Yeah, what the fuck is your point?
Mr. Rogers: Sure, everyone gets angry sometimes. The important thing to remember is that there are many things we can do when we're feeling angry, or sad, or happy, many things that don't hurt ourselves or anybody else.
Business woman: Okay, well I'm on my way to the police station to hand over my cell phone to get it tapped.
Mr. Rogers: No!
(Business woman hangs up)
Mr. Rogers: There aren't even any live dinosaurs anymore.
[End of call]

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