Mr. T calls A-Team Recruitment Company
Telephone ringing twn


Prank Call

Prank Caller


Soundboard(s) used

Mr. T


Female employee



Mr. T calls A-Team Recruitment Company to accuse them of drugging him.


Call #1

Female employee: Good morning. A-Team Recruitments.
Mr. T: Oh, hi there. I'm Dr. T.
Female employee: Right.
Mr. T: Let me explain.
Female employee: Yeah?
Mr. T: Your tow truck drove my van off the road.
Female employee: Right..uh are you sure you got the right number? A-Team Recruitment?
Mr. T: I got the number. 555-2933.
Female employee: Right. Ok, just bear with me a moment... (to co-worker in background) He says that, um, do we have a tow truck?
Female employee #2: (in background) A tow truck?
Female employee: (in background) He said it driven his van off the road or something.
Female employee #2: (in background) A TOW truck?
Female employee: I'm sorry, could you explain exactly what's happened?
Mr. T: Your tow truck drove my van off the road.
Female employee: Yeah.
Mr. T: Those guys broke my rear axle.
Female employee: Right. Well, um, we don't-we don't actually have a tow truck.
Mr. T: I have no time for the jibba-jabba.
Female employee: Well, there must be two A-Teams around here because we don't actually have one. We're a recruitment company.
Mr. T: What you talkin' about man? You lie to me!
Female employee: I think you should find the correct company that actually did it and then ... maybe have a go at them instead.
Mr. T: I'm on a real short leash here and I'm gettin' tired of your crazy rap!
Female employee: Right. (pause) And what do you want us to do about that?
Mr. T: You better fix my van!
Female employee: Well, as I say, you should find the correct company that did it and get them to sort it perhaps.
Mr. T: First thing you do is, you gotta promise me, SHUT UP.
Female employee: Right well, it-it's nothing to do with us so...
Mr. T: I want my van back.
Female employee: Yeah. I understand where you're coming from but I have to say it's nothing to do with us so .. you-you're not really listening to that.
Mr. T: You suckas drugged me, didn't you?!
Female employee: Right. I think-I think you need some professional help actually. Y-you think "they" drugged you? [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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