Mr. T calls a Wrecker Service
Telephone ringing twn


Prank Call

Prank Caller

The Illusionary

Soundboard(s) used

Mr. T


Male employee



Mr. T gets told off by a Wrecker Company.


Call #1

Male employee: [unintelligible]
Mr. T: Hey man.
Male employee: Yeah?
Mr. T: I tell ya' what's up. Your tow truck drove my van off the road, and I wanna know who was driving it!
Male employee: I ain't got a clue.
Mr. T: Nobody messes with my ride! Those guys broke my rear axle-
Male employee: M'kay.
Mr. T: -rod bearings, gaskets, the works.
Male employee: Ok.
Mr. T: I checked the engine. It looked pretty bad. Hey man, you better fix my van! (pause) I want my van!
Male employee: (pause) Ok, you're talkin' to an answering service...
Mr. T: I want my van back .. and Murdock wants his plant. (pause) That's alright. If I don't get it back I'll just have to kill ya'.
Male employee: That'd be fine too. Knock yourself out.
Mr. T: I'll tell you why. I'm on a real short leash here and I'm gettin' tired of your crazy rap! (pause) First thing you do is, you gotta promise me, SHUT UP.
Male employee: You know you can suck my dick.
Mr. T: Shut up fool. You ain't no fish.
Male employee: Yeah. It's fixin' to be in your ass.
Mr. T: No more "Mr. Nice Guy".
Male employee: [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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