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Prank Call

Prank Caller

Realm of Darkness

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Mr. T


Male victim



Mr. T calls a local auto repair shop demanding he gets his van back. He even goes as far as threatening to kill the mechanic if he doesn't return the van.


Call #1

[*phone rings*]
Male victim: [Unintelligible]..hello?
Mr. T: Hey man.
Male victim: Hey-
Mr. T: I want my van back!
Male victim: Wh-what?
Mr. T: I want my van!
Male victim: Your van?
Mr. T: Yeah!
Male victim: What Goddamn van?
Mr. T: Nobody messes with my ride!
Male victim: Who the hell you talkin' to? You can go to Hell motherfucker!
Mr. T: I'm gonna' use your body as my car bumper. When I get finished with your boss, Mr. Unfriendly-
Male victim: Bite me in my ass, motherfucker!
Mr. T: -I'm gonna' take care of YOU.
Male victim: You sorry son of-
Mr. T: That's alright. If I don't get it back I'll just have to kill ya'.
Male victim: Don't call over here no more!
Mr. T: I'm on a real short leash here and I'm gettin' tired of your crazy rap!
Male victim: Come on.
Mr. T: Im'a forge new and wondrous things upside your head.
Male victim: You spread your sorry ass on over here.
Mr. T: If you don't shut up with your jibber-jabber, I'm gonna give you a lube job, fool!
Male victim: (laughs) I don't even know who the fuck you are but you can go to hell motherfucker!
Mr. T: Keep your mind on your JOB before I knock your head right off your shoulders!
Male victim: (laughs) Before I get yours knocked off.
Mr. T: No more Mr. Nice Guy!
Male victim: [Unintelligible]...around side your fuckin' knee!
Mr. T: Shut up fool! You ain't a fish!
Male victim: I'm gonna get you.
Mr. T: We talkin' finale to your life sucka, not havin' no firin' pans when we attacked by river pirates New Orleans rest of them Amazonian indians!
Male victim: Think you gonna go to God-damned hell. Bye!
Mr. T: I'll tell you why!
Male victim: (pause) Bye Jack.
Mr. T: You got a big mouth..and you ask a lot of questions.
Male victim: YOU got a big mouth. [*hangs up*]
Mr. T: Hey man, how long are we gonna listen to this jive?

[End of call]


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