Mr88Nismo calls Duncan a seventh time
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Mr88Nismo calls Duncan a seventh time is a soundboard prank call made by Mr88Nismo.


Call #1

Duncan: Duncan Construction.
Mr88Nismo: Hey. You still got poop in your pants? You got skid marks in your underwear?
Duncan: You know, you need to keep your day job you son of a bitch. You're pretty damn [unintelligible] to me if your out of work.
Mr88Nismo: I got laid off.
Duncan: Yeah, you got laid off. I'd lay YOU off you son of a bitch if I could find ya.
Mr88Nismo: Why? Why would you do that?
Duncan: Well I'd beat your fuckin' head soft. Why?
Mr88Nismo: Why would you do that to me?
Duncan: Why would I do it?
Mr88Nismo: Yeah.
Duncan: I simply don't, I simply don't like you. Mouthy motherfucker you.
Mr88Nismo: Well do you still got poop in your pants?
Duncan: Ohh, you little snotty bitch. Why don't you .. drown yourself or somethin' will ya?
Mr88Nismo: I tried that last week. It didn't work.
Duncan: Well you ... failed miserably. I'll help ya if you want me too.
Mr88Nismo: Sure! You want to have a barbeque?
Duncan: (pause) Don't you ever get tired of just barbeque jokes and shit like that?
Mr88Nismo: I want to try a barbeque goat. I've never had one.
Duncan: No. You're gonna have to, you're gonna have to get you a new ... sayin' bud.
Mr88Nismo: A what?
Duncan: It's gettin' old.
Mr88Nismo: Alright...
Duncan: These whole barbeque jokes [are] gettin' old. Find somethin' new, will ya?
Mr88Nismo: Wanna cook some pig?
Duncan: Ohh, pig your ass you stupid motherfucker.
Mr88Nismo: What are ya whispering for? Are you in public?
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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