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Mr88Nismo calls Duncan a third time is a soundboard prank call made by Mr88Nismo. As the title suggests, this was the prankster's third-ever call to Duncan and the eighteenth of a prank caller using their own voice. He had initially called Duncan to confirm if he had actually confronted Charles at A to Z Pawn, as claimed by the victim in a previous call, however this call is only partially complete.


Call #1

[*Part of an otherwise unreleased call by Mr88Nismo*]
Duncan: Well, so what, you stupid son of a bitch?! Don't you usually answer yours when it rings?! Oh, you silly son of a bitch, practicin' law without a license is illegal! Fuck you, fuck you... Who the fuck you think you're kiddin' you stupid son of a bitch, you? Hey let me tell ya! Right now, I'm gonna tell you this: it's none of your fuckin' business. Fuck you and your clients and all that shit! You must think I'm the dumbest son of a bitch you ever met!
Mr88Nismo: No, not at all! I just need to know-
Duncan: Well, I think you are!
Mr88Nismo: I just need to know if Charles is-
Duncan: Hidin' behind an unknown number and gettin' calls all day long. Fuck you.
Mr88Nismo: I'm just trying to find out if Charles is lyin'.
Duncan: It's none of your goddamn business you stupid son of a bitch! That's between me and Charles.
Mr88Nismo: Oh! So you DID go there.
Duncan: No, I'm not sayin' that.
Mr88Nismo: Well what happened? I just want to know. I'm trying to help ya'.
Duncan: It's none of your goddamn business you dumb son of a bitch. Can't you take a hint?!
Mr88Nismo: No, I don't know what a "hint" means. I'm just trying to find out.
Duncan: It's none of your fuckin' business!
Mr88Nismo: But it IS my businness. I'm involved in this!
Duncan: Oh, shit! You son of a bitch, you're not even smart enough to read a book, let alone be a lawyer!
Mr88Nismo: I'm not a lawyer. I just said I'm involved in this.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #2

Mr88Nismo: Alright Frank. I've decided to call you and talk to you man-to-man. Forget it, no more bullshit. You willin' to talk for a minute?
Duncan: Not really.
Mr88Nismo: Well, basically..what, what do you want to happen? Do you want everyone just to quit callin' you? Is that, and then everything will be fine or what's goin' on?
Duncan: Well, I don't care whether you quit callin' or not! You could die and I'd be happy.
Mr88Nismo: Well, yeah I can understand your hostility...but, uh, wha- is that what you want? Everyone just to quit callin' you or..?
Duncan: What the fuck would you think? You dumb shit!
Mr88Nismo: No. I'm not dumb, sir.
Duncan: Well you must not be very smart or you wouldn't be callin' me.
Mr88Nismo: Well do you want me to post that on the 'net that everyone should quit callin' you or what? And then, then no legal problems will happen of this or ..what?
Duncan: Ohh, you and your "legal problems". You make me wanna laugh, you son of a bitch.
Mr88Nismo: Well, I'd like to see ya' laugh. You're always in such a bad mood.
Duncan: I'm not gonna (laughs) I'd like to kick your ass, too, and that ain't gonna happen, is it?
Mr88Nismo: Well actually I'm not the one that's always been calling you. I've only called ya .. this is actually my third time-
Duncan: Oh there ain't no way [you've called only three times]. You've called me eight times today!
Mr88Nismo: I'm sorry?
Duncan: You've called me eight times today.
Mr88Nismo: Oh. Well yeah, that's just now. But I'm not usually the person who's always bothering you with the computer generated voices and all that stuff.
Duncan: (clears throat) Is there a difference?
Mr88Nismo: Well no. Not really. But I'm not harrassing you.
Duncan: I thought so.
Mr88Nismo: I'm not harrassing you. I'm just trying to .. what would make better, um, what would make it better for you?
Duncan: Well don't worry about me. I'm a pretty tough ol' boy.
Mr88Nismo: Well we all know that.
Duncan: [Unintelligible]
Mr88Nismo: Yeah? So how was your Thanksgiving?
Duncan: (pause) That's none of your fuckin' business.
Mr88Nismo: Did you have a good dinner?
Duncan: Fuck you.
Mr88Nismo: Well damnit, there's just no reasoning with you. Is there Frank?
Duncan: What for? A stupid cocksucker like you doesn't have any reasoning.
Mr88Nismo: Well, I just want to call a truce so .. just to end all this.
Duncan: Why don't you all just crawl off and die somewhere, would ya?
Mr88Nismo: Why would you say such a thing?
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #3

[*phone rings*]
Mr88Nismo: Alright, well I've decided. I'm just going to post on the internet that everyone should quit calling you and blah, blah, blah, and I'll tell 'em the FBI and all that's involved, and hopefully all these calls will stop. Then will you be happy? Will that-
Duncan: I haven't seen it yet. When I see it, I'll believe it.
Mr88Nismo: Alright, well..don't say I'm lyin'. I'm gonna post it on the internet. What do you want for Christmas, Frank? Can we send you some gift cards?
Duncan: I want you to...for Christmas, I'd love for you to crawl off and die!
Mr88Nismo: Well if I send you gift cards would you use them?
Duncan: No.
Mr88Nismo: Why not?
Duncan: I'd be afraid they'd be contaminated...
Mr88Nismo: Alright. How about-
Duncan: ...with ignorance.
Mr88Nismo: (laughs) With what?!
Duncan: With IGNORANCE.
Mr88Nismo: Ignorance?
Duncan: Yeah. Like YOU show.
Mr88Nismo: I'm not ignorant. I've been uh-
Duncan: Or "Mr. Unknown" himself. So piss on you!
Mr88Nismo: Well, I've been nothin' but nice, but nice to you Frank. I didn't disrespect-
Duncan: You're on the other end, you're on the other end of the wrong phone, bud.
Mr88Nismo: (laughs slightly) I'm sorry?
Duncan: You're on the end of another phone. It, it's a different phone.
Mr88Nismo: (confused) No...
Duncan: You think you're nice. I think you're a...prickhead.
Mr88Nismo: Well what if I told you the whole community will pitch in and buy ya' a dozer for Christmas?
Duncan: (pause) I don't need a dozer for Christmas.
Mr88Nismo: Well it'd be nice to have one, wouldn't it?
Duncan: No.
Mr88Nismo: Sure it-
Duncan: And I wouldn't use the son of a bitch if I had it.
Mr88Nismo: Well you could sell it.
Duncan: I don't want to sell it. Look, asshole! I got enough money to burn a wet mule with! What the hell would I want your money for?!
Mr88Nismo: I don't know. We just want to do something for y-
Duncan: You ain't got any anyway.
Mr88Nismo: Oh, I got money.
Duncan: (laughs) Is that the way you buy all these unknown telephone numbers and all that shit?
Mr88Nismo: Well, basically, we're all-
Duncan: Pranking the telephone?
Mr88Nismo: We're all just calling to apologize Frank.
Duncan: Get ya some friends and apologize to them!
Mr88Nismo: (laughs) Alright, you accept our apology?
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #4 (final)

[*phone rings*]
Duncan: ...
Mr88Nismo: Alright Frank, I'm just letting you know I made the post on the internet. So hopefully these calls will stop for you.
Duncan: (sarcastically) Well, whoopie for you.
Mr88Nismo: Oh no, this is the last time I'll call ya. I just wanted to call and let you know.
Duncan: I'd sure like to know who you are.
Mr88Nismo: My name's John. I'm from Kansas City.
Duncan: Why do you hide behind that unknown number for John?
Mr88Nismo: Because I have to call on the internet. Long distance is too expensive.
Duncan: [Unintelligible]
Mr88Nismo: I'm sorry?
Duncan: You can take me off your list if you'd like.
Mr88Nismo: Oh, I will. You won't be hearing from me again. I'm just letting you know I've made the post and that way all these calls stop for you.
Duncan: Yeah. Bye John.
Mr88Nismo: You have a Merry Christmas.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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