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Mr88Nismo calls Duncan to get a bid is a soundboard prank call made by Mr88Nismo. It was the prankster's second-ever call to Duncan and the fifthteenth made by a prank caller using their own voice.


Call #1

Duncan: Duncan Construction.
Mr88Nismo: Oh, hey. How you doin'? I'm calling to, uh, maybe get a bid?
Duncan: Ok.
Mr88Nismo: Yeah well, um, I need uh .. well you guys, uh, do a lot of pole barn building, right?
Duncan: Yes.
Mr88Nismo: Ok, well I also need some, uh, I gotta high levels of dirt. I'm gonna need the dirt moved and possibly something like a maybe an 18 foot by 44 foot deep?
Duncan: Well, that's a...pretty small building and, uh...I'm a...I don't have any dirt-moving equipment, so that probably lets me out.
Mr88Nismo: Alright, um, how do your rates usually go?
Duncan: I-I'm not talkin' to ya, 'cause I'm not gonna build your buildin', so...I'm not gonna give ya somethin' to go by.
Mr88Nismo: what's like the normal size pole barn's that you build? I'm kinda new at this. I just need something to store a tractor and a couple trucks in. I-I figured that was enough but I don't- what's like the normal sizes you guys build?
Duncan: We norm- where, where'd you get my name?
Mr88Nismo: From, uh, I got a card. It was right there ... there's a pawn shop, you're in Stilwell right?
Duncan: Right.
Mr88Nismo: I was at a pawn shop. I bought a welder and this guy, I think it was Charlie, Charles or somethin', gave me your card. (long pause) Yeah?
Duncan: ...ok, uh, I normally don't work in Oklahoma anyway.
Mr88Nismo: (surprised) Oh really?
Duncan: No. I work in Kansas and Missoura.
Mr88Nismo: Oh, Missouri? Oh, ok...well-
Duncan: I appreciate you callin' though.
Mr88Nismo: Ok, well .. thank you anyway.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #2

[*phone rings*]
Duncan: Duncan Construction.
Mr88Nismo: Hi. I'm sorry to bother you again. Uh, I was just wondering do you know any other pole barn builders that work around here? I didn't know if you had a reference or some-
Duncan: Nope! I'm sure there's some around, but I don't know 'em off-hand.
Mr88Nismo: Oh, ok. (sounding distressed) Um..alright well..I don't..why can't you just build my barn?! It so hard to find somebody.
Duncan: I told you once, I don't have...dirt-moving equipment.
Mr88Nismo: You don't have a bulldozer?
Duncan: Nope.
Mr88Nismo: Why not?
Duncan: Because I can't afford it.
Mr88Nismo: Ohh.
Duncan: How come YOU don't have one? No [unintelligible]?
Mr88Nismo: What if I paid for a rental?
Duncan: Not interested.
Mr88Nismo: Why?
Duncan: Don't have- well, hell! I don't have an operator!
Mr88Nismo: You can't operate one?
Duncan: I don't, well, I'm not goin' to.
Mr88Nismo: Why?
Duncan: Oh, piss... [*hangs up*]

Call #3

[*phone rings*]
Duncan: Duncan Construction.
Mr88Nismo: Sir, you are out of line! Can you please build my barn?
Duncan: No, I'm not gonna' build your barn.
Mr88Nismo: Aw, c'mon.
Duncan: Kiss my ass. It's too small and I don't have the .. proper equipment.
Mr88Nismo: Hello?
Duncan: Hell! There's a HUNDRED people out there that does the same thing I do.
Mr88Nismo: Well the guy said you were really good at it. What if I got the field cleared and then you can come in and build your barn?
Duncan: Not interested.
Mr88Nismo: Why not?
Duncan: Too damn small!
Mr88Nismo: Well I, I, I'll go bigger. I just need to know your rates.
Duncan: ...
Mr88Nismo: I just need something to hold my tractor and then my two Chevy pickup trucks.
Duncan: Mister, you need to get you someone else.
Mr88Nismo: Why?! Why don't you want to do it?
Duncan: I don't like you! That's just one reason.
Mr88Nismo: You don't like me?!
Duncan: That's right. (pause) You're that [unintelligible].
Mr88Nismo: What'd I do to you?
Duncan: Nothin' yet but you're ... workin' on it.
Mr88Nismo: Huh? What do you mean?! I'm a nice guy.
Duncan: Well you (laughs) I'm having trouble with you because this is the third time you called me, I mean, what part of no don't ya' understand?
Mr88Nismo: Well I was raised that way.
Duncan: Oh, well ... I wasn't.
Mr88Nismo: Well, I was. Can you please build my barn?
Duncan: What's your problem? No sir!
Mr88Nismo: Why?
Duncan: I don't want anything to do .. I don't want anything to do with it!
Mr88Nismo: Oh, come on.
Duncan: You, uh, you must have, uh, an ulterior motive .. or somethin' like that.
Mr88Nismo: (shocked) I'm sorry?
Duncan: I'm not, uh, I'm not in the mood right now to have, uh, somebody to get gags and punch off me. I got business to collect.
Mr88Nismo: Oh, come on.
Duncan: And there's a hundred, there's a hundred other people out there that can do the same job I'd do for ya.
Mr88Nismo: Well I don't want THEM to do it.
Duncan: Well, you're not gonna' get me. So you might as well get after 'em.
Mr88Nismo: Oh, come on!
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #4

[*phone rings*]
Duncan: What are you gonna do, just make real rude to ya, or what?
Mr88Nismo: No! I just got off the phone with that, uh, Charles guy at the pawn shop. He said, uh, just to mention your na- mention his name and then you'll probably do possibly a discount?
Duncan: Mention WHOSE name?
Mr88Nismo: Charles? From the pawn shop?
Duncan: That little stupid son of a bitch has been prank callin' me for six months. (pause) So, I'd say that I don't-
Mr88Nismo: (shocked) Charles?!
Duncan: Huh?
Mr88Nismo: Charles has been prank calling you?
Duncan: (annoyed) Yes, yes...
Mr88Nismo: Oh, that's not nice.
Duncan: That's, that's the first reason-
Mr88Nismo: That's not very nice.
Duncan: That's the first reason why I wouln't build your barn.
Mr88Nismo: Oh, well apparently he said that like, uh, you guys were, you were real cool with him.
Duncan: No I, I don't even know the son of a bitch, but I'd like to.
Mr88Nismo: Oh, really?
Duncan: Yeah.
Mr88Nismo: Oh, well he's the one who gave me your card and said, uh, just mention his name.
Duncan: Shit. I don't even know 'em. Thank you and have a good day.
Mr88Nismo: Thank you. (slight pause) Hello?
Duncan: What do you want, goddamnit?!
Mr88Nismo: Oh, well Charles says you've been prank calling HIM for the last six months.
Duncan: Well you and Charles can kiss my little fat ass if you want to..
Mr88Nismo: (amused) Oh, really? Well he, he said he wants to fight you!
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #5

[*phone rings*]
Mr88Nismo: Charles says he wants to fight you.
Duncan: You tell that skinny-lickin' son of a bitch, he knows where I live.
Mr88Nismo: He does?
Duncan: Well, hell! He has two pictures of it!
Mr88Nismo: He has pictures of it?
Duncan: You wanna get in on it too, motherfucker? Or are ya too damn scared?
Mr88Nismo: Oh, no! I don't want no problem's with YOU, sir.
Duncan: Well, you've got one, [if] ya don't quit callin', you stupid son of a bitch, you.
Mr88Nismo: Well, w-w-what's that for? Why are you verbally abusing me?
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #6

[*phone rings*]
Duncan: What do you want now?
Mr88Nismo: Sir, there's no reason to verbally abuse me. I have done nothing to you.
Duncan: I wouldn't verbally abuse ya, I'd kick your ass if I knew where you lived.
Mr88Nismo: I'm sorry?! Why would you do such a thing?
Duncan: I SAID I wouldn't verbally abuse ya, I'd kick your ass if I knew where you lived.
Mr88Nismo: Well why would you do such a thing?
Duncan: Just for good measure.
Mr88Nismo: Huh?
Duncan: You sound like you're as old as I am. I think I'd have a shot at ya.
Mr88Nismo: No, sir...I'm only 50.
Duncan: Will you quit callin' my work number, you stupid motherfucker you?
Mr88Nismo: Hey! There's no reaon for that profanity.
Duncan: Well, you just quit callin' my damn work number and you won't get it.
Mr88Nismo: Stop yelling at me! I did nothing to you.
Duncan: Oh, fuck you.
Mr88Nismo: That's not very nice Frank.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #7

[*phone rings*]
Mr88Nismo: Sir, why are you threatening me? I did nothing to you.
Duncan: I'm not threatenin' ya, I'm promising you. You fat, I bet you're fat too, aren't you?!
Mr88Nismo: Just a little bit.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

Call #8 (final)

[*phone rings*]
Mr88Nismo: Yeah, I need to get a bid.
Duncan: Oh, FUCK YOU, you're interruptin' my breakfast!
Mr88Nismo: Oh, I'm sorry. I'll try you back later.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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