My final calls to Stilwell Grandma and more
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Prank Call

Prank Caller


Soundboard(s) used

Bob Chandler, Duncan


Stilwell Grandma



Stilwell Grandma receives calls from Bob Chandler and Duncan, with an unidentified woman confronting Duncan the latter call. This was the last-ever call made by MDopvveszZW. In addition, bonus calls made to Cock Inspector were included.


Call #1

Stilwell Grandma: Hello?
Bob Chandler: Hello.
Stilwell Grandma: ...
Bob Chandler: I'm Robert Chandler.
Stilwell Grandma: [Unintelligible]
Bob Chandler: Hello?
Stilwell Grandma: (pause) I said hello! What do you want?!
Bob Chandler: I'm a neighbor. I have a lot of Cherokee relatives who live in your state also. I'm an 82-year-old man.
Stilwell Grandma: Well what are you doin' callin' me?
Bob Chandler: I'm 82 years old.
Stilwell Grandma: I don't care how old- I don't care about your age! Just quit callin' my number, PLEASE!!
Bob Chandler: Why did you call me?
Stilwell Grandma: [*hangs up*]

Call #2

[*phone rings*]
Duncan: Hello?
Stilwell Grandma: Hello?
Duncan: This is Frank Garrett.
Stilwell Grandma: M-mm-mm-mmmm, no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no. [*hangs up*]

Call #3 (final)

[*phone rings*]
Female victim: Hello?
Duncan: What's goin' on, bud?
[*Talking in the background*] Female victim: (pause) Who's calling?
Duncan: This is Frank Garrett.
Female victim: (sounding amused)Frank Garrett is dead.
Duncan: That's me.
Female victim: Do .. who are you calling sir? (long pause) Huh? I'm recording you-
Duncan: Call the police-
Female victim: -for the sheriff's department right now. Who are you calling?
Duncan: -so they can lock you up and put you behind bars lookin' at-
Female victim: [*hangs up*]

Call #4

Female victim: Hello?
Cock Inspector: Well I got another phone here. I'll just tell you right where your at!
Female victim: What's that, Jared?
Cock Inspector: Who are you?!
Female victim: Well...I know who YOU are and, uh, I got your phone number and I'm callin' the police department?
Cock Inspector: Hey let's get that peter out and have a look at it!
Female victim: Um-hmm.
Cock Inspector: Aw, you're a weird son-of-a-bitch!
Female victim: Yeah you are. Charlie want's to know if that ankle bracelet is fittin' you pretty good.
Cock Inspector: Yeah, uh-huh.
Female victim: Uh-huh.
Cock Inspector: Yeah, uh-huh.
Female victim: Uh-huh.
Cock Inspector: Stay where you're at, big boy.
Female victim: Big boy?
Cock Inspector: Hey I'll just call the law, good alright? Just stay right were your at.
Female victim: Hell, they already got your phone number!
Cock Inspector: Do what?
Female victim: They'll be there anytime today. They GOT your phone number an' we've been recordin' all these calls-
Cock Inspector: (sound of phone being dialed) Hello?
Female victim: -to track you're ass back to the penal institution!
Cock Inspector: Mmm, your doin' just fine.
Female victim: I hope you like, I hope you like it in there.
Cock Inspector: [Unintelligible]
Female victim: [*hangs up*]

Call #5

[*phone rings*]
Cock Inspector: Mornin'.
Creepy Cookie Guy: Hello.
Cock Inspector: Yeah?
Creepy Cookie Guy: Me making cookies right outta my ass.
Cock Inspector: Ok! Bring it over here.
Creepy Cookie Guy: Right outa' my ass.
Cock Inspector: Uh-huh..mmnmm...ok...alright Jared. Bring it on.
Creepy Cookie Guy: Right outta my ass.
Cock Inspector: Your girlfriend called last night.
Creepy Cookie Guy: Oh, that's wonderful.
Cock Inspector: Yeah...yeah she's gonna' play with that, that little dick of yours. Bring it on over here.
Creepy Cookie Guy: Warm and fresh. Right outta my ass.
Cock Inspector: Yeah, uh-huh. Yeah. Come on, Jared. Don't [Unintelligible]
Creepy Cookie Guy: Warm and fresh. Right outta my ass.
Cock Inspector: Mmm, ok. Good night. [*hangs up*]
Creepy Cookie Guy: How about we make some cookies right out of our asses?

[End of call]


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