Mystery Man
Fred's Neighbor
Traditional depiction of Mystery Man


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard

Real name

Robert (Bob) Fromer


Mid to late 50s




Upland, California


Pat Fromer

Phone number

Mystery Man (also called Fred Herbert's neighbor or simply Fred's neighbor) is a prank victim who was called by Puremadnessmann on September 7, 2012. He was discovered while calling real-life neighbors of the Bail Bondsman and, like many of the call's victims, recognized Fred's voice. One of the longer calls in the series, Fred's neighbor was apparently amused by the call engaging the Bail Bondsman in a bizarre and somewhat incoherent conversation.[1] A soundboard was subsequently made and used to call several of the Bail Bondman's neighbors and himself[2] as well as to Bail Bondsman's office.[3][4]

On October 1, 2012, Fred Herbert's neighbor made a call to the Drug & Alcohol Lady.[5]

It remains unknown how, but the Mystery Man has apperently been tipped off about his presence on the internet, likely through Fred or one of his employees.

In an interview with the Mystery Man, conducted by Officer Rivieri, he revealed he used to be a psychologist, specializing in transpersonal psychology but he's been retired for over 15 years.[6] Many find his background to be rather ironic considering how incoherent and bizarre his statements tended to be. When asked about Fred Herbert, he claimed to have never heard of him and didn't remember the call he had with him, although his adamant tone seems to indicate that he most likely does remember it to some degree. He claimed also to not be aware of his internet fame.



Actual likeness of Mystery Man and wife.

  • "I'm the Mystery Man."
  • "I'm Robert."
  • "Hello Fred."
  • "Mmmmmm."
  • "Ohhh.. Wonderful.."
  • "Absolutely right."
  • "Why do you keep calling me? Hahahahaha."
  • "How did you get this number?!"
  • "How did you get this telephone number? An accident? Because it is a secret number."
  • "You sound like a machine."
  • "Very strange.. Unusual.."
  • "Things change all the time.."
  • "Are you on drugs or somethin?"
  • "Are you normal?"
  • "Why be normal? That's boring."
  • "I shouldn't call my own house?"
  • "Ohh.. M-my phone phone rings I think it's you and it's me calling!?"
  • "You don't have to apologize. You didn't do it anything wrong."
  • "Do it mentally?"
  • "Unknown number.. It's unknown.."
  • "You live in the Red.. in the condo's.. at Red Hill Green."
  • "You know anyone that's mentally not ill?"
  • "You must want something to call someone."
  • "What.. What is it? How am I acting? Tell me."
  • "I can see everything but my eyes.."
  • "And you think John red some receipt wrong to me?"
  • "Does John know that you're calling here?"
  • "What would he think if he knew you calling me?"
  • "He he he. You like that word. That's what's your favourite word. Isn't it?"
  • "I have teeth, and a mouth, and eyes, and ears.. All that stuff.."
  • "You think I am Gregory Stevens."
  • "Not the person you think I am."
  • "What did you want?"
  • "I know.. I met you."
  • "I wish I knew."

Prank callsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
September 7, 2012 Bail Bondsman calls some of his neighbours part 2 Puremadnessmann Mystery Man Original call. [1]
First call in video from spring 2013, the interview from August 2014 Voice Calls to Mystery Man & General MM SB Compilation! Officer Rivieri Mystery Man & various [7]
A Simple Life (call to The Mystery Man) Dialtone Disasters Mystery Man [8]
September 11, 2012 Fred's Neighbor calls his neighbors + Fred + Hotel Puremadnessmann Various [2]
September 15, 2012 Mystery Man (Freds Neighbor) calls several places Part 2 Puremadnessmann Various [3]
September 15, 2012 (Mystery Man & Fred) calls some neighbors again Puremadnessmann Various [4]
October 1, 2012 Mystery Man calls Drug and Alcohol Lady MDopvveszZW Drug & Alcohol Lady [5]
August 6, 2015 (Mystery Man)- New Call Kurdish Julian Mystery Man [9]


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