Nomadcowatbk is a prank caller who has been active on YouTube since July 2008. With over 600 videos, he holds the largest collection of soundboard prank calls on YouTube. Nomadcowatbk also has the "official" record for the most soundboard calls ever made. He is credited with the discovery of the Drunk Girls[1] and Scared College Girl,[2] the former he has used almost exclusively as a victim soundboard.

Unlike most pranksters, Nomadcowatbk typically calls payphones and other public facilities rather than home phone numbers or personal cell phone numbers. His calls to the payphone at Harpo's in Columbia, Missouri, for which is perhaps best known, have lured many intoxicated college students into humorous or otherwise unusual conversations.

As of April 2016, the street payphone usually called has been removed.jgajgamvjdohogjdso[kjgeaprnh bdfcvl; bndporedhgrofjnvmkl;xccfgrgkoorpe;odfpconwpibuihv9pibwobeh9vpbijoihwpakdjsinhpkjknilsmndbvbjikljq hh3i9qpojwlkndp';l.,;'a/.,;'/.s;'clk,ao';keljiphfbhwoubiehoo82wueufouwiebfioujhwsbdw eobufjkbdae dsjbkn Edit


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