Officer Crazy
Officer Crazy
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early to-mid 40s





Officer Crazy (real name: James Crazy) is a prank call victim who was discovered in early-2013. It is unclear if the original call currently exists, or if it has since been removed from YouTube, however a victim soundboard was created by Pranktz.

The officer, along with an unnamed police sergeant, had apparently been called to a victim's house and called back the number that had shown on the caller ID. It was during this call that he talked to Rick the Mullet Man and at least three others.

Officer Crazy's depiction is based off of Bill Hader's character, Officer Slater, from the 2007 comedy film, Superbad.


  • "This is Officer Crazy with the (censored) police department. Could I have your name?"
  • "Yes. This is Officer Crazy .. with the police department ... in Alabama."
  • "I'm here on a call about you calling ... and calling people names and threatenin' people."
  • "And while we were here .. that subject called back again."
  • "And they got the numbers were they called in ... on their caller ID."
  • "Ma'am, I am .. law enforcement."
  • "You want the number to my police department where you can call and verify?"
  • "Ma'am ... I'm advising you that I have this number and I WILL find out whose number it is. I WILL get a warrant out for your arrest if you don't stop callin' this number."
  • "Ya'll has called this number multiple times ... and I'm advising you to STOP calling this number or there WILL be a warrent out for your arrest."
  • "Well ... there, there's been multiple calls and voicemail left on the subjects voicemail."
  • "Well you can call us. Call the police department."
  • "Well .. there's been ... at least four differant calls from this number according to their Caller ID."
  • "Independence, Missouri?"
  • "No I have NOT been callin' there. I'm not sure if the subject's called here."
  • "You don't believe me? You can call area code 831 (censored). That's the number to my police department. You can speak to my dispatcher, Lt. Sara, to VERIFY that I AM who I SAY I am."
  • "And I'm advising YOU that this is Officer James Crazy."
  • "I WILL help get a warant for your arrest if you don't stop callin' this number."
  • "I'm just advising you .. to stop callin' this number. And I will talk to the person on this and tell her to make sure not to call this number back 'cause I'm not sure if she had called or not ... but I would advise her not to call you anymore if she has. Ok?"
  • "Excuse me sir?"
  • "There are three phone calls that have come from this number .. and this will be the fourth actually."
  • "When you come to the police department you can ask for Officer James Crazy."
  • "The address is 812 South Street, (censored), city of Alabama."
  • "State is Alabama."
  • "Well .. from this point forward I'd advise you to stop callin' this number. Do you understand?"
  • "Well I'm sorry you feel that way...but if you call this number again I will make sure there is a warrant that comes out for your arrest."

Prank Calls

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2013 Original call to Officer Crazy Pranktz Officer Crazy Original call is considered lost.
May 31, 2013 Rick introduces Officer James Crazy daeHkiD Male victim [1]
June 3, 2013 Hay (2) Prazktz The Hay Man [2]
June 4, 2013 Officer Crazy makes a few calls Lavar Stevens Various [3]
June 30, 2013 Bailbonsh, Officer Powell and Officer Crazy need some fucking help sir Lavar Stevens Male vctim [4]


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