Officer Rivieri is a retired, British soundboard prank caller, voice actor and interviewer. Rivieri was active in the community as a fan since summer 2011, a voice caller since March 2013 (supporting Prank Hill in live shows) and as a soundboarder since December 2013. He is notable for being the first prankster in over two years to have an extended discussion with Chris the Hacker and interviewing several other victims including Stilwell Grandma, Pissed-Off Dispatcher and Mystery Man as well as procuring some popular lines from the Bail Bondsman in faux bail calls. He is credited with the discovery of the Angry British Hauler. Other key achievements include settling the debate once and for all about Deputy Martin's claim of being a cop and holding the record for longest call to the Satanic Racist at over an hour where they debated the merits of a secular morality vs. a Biblical one. He retired from the community in December 2014 citing security issues and stated that he will not return.

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