Picture of Salvatore Rivieri

"Officer Salvatore Rivieri was a police officer known for his abuse of authority to a skater in a video at one point, thus having Officer Rivieri fired from his job. Following the incident, some of his hilarious quotes have been used in some prank calls.


  • "I am Officer Rivieri!"
  • "I'm not man, I'm not dude!"
  • "Did you not just hear me?!"
  • "A dude is somebody who works on a ranch!"
  • "How old are you?"
  • (To the quote above) "Fourteen!"
  • "When I'm talking to you, you shut your mouth, and you listen!"
  • "What is your problem?"
  • "Are you from the county or something?"
  • "Obviously, your parents don't put a foot in your butt quite enough!

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