Angry Black Guy
Traditional depiction of Angry Black Guy


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard




Unknown, probably late 30's or early to mid 40's


Black American



Angry Black Guy (also known as Angry Black Gangsta or Other Angry Black Guy) was the victim of a Samuel L. Jackson prank call and was one of the earliest victims to receive their own soundboard.[1]

His soundboard has been used in several prank calls, most notably in one of the very first made to Frank "Duncan" Garrett. These calls, however, has never reached the same level of popularity as those of Black Guy or Irate Black Man. His picture is always depicted as deceased R&B/soul singer James Brown, although some pranksters have used pics of random Black guys to represent him in their videos.

He has been referred to frequently as Other Angry Black Guy because the name Angry Black Guy has been more commonly applied to Black Guy due to the latter's more explosive reactions.

Angry Black Guy is possibly Jamaican considering his accent.


  • "Nigga, you suck mah ass!"
  • "I ain't scared of ya, bitch!"
  • "I like told ya somethin', ya motherfucker! You callin' here, talkin' dis shit!"
  • "You'd here and talk right...talkin' ta me!"
  • "Well motherfucker, you better call here and talk right ta me, if you wanna call my number."
  • "Don't call here talkin' like no goddamn buffoon!"

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