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The Phone Losers of America or PLA is an American phreaking group founded in the 1990s, active on the hacking scene. The PLA e-zine was first written in 1990, and the official web sitewent up in 1994. It has ranked at the top of Alexa's "Prank Call" category.


The Phone Losers of America has a history spanning more than 20 years. While the PLA didn't actually exist until 1994, the ideas and articles which were brought to the PLA began in 1992. By 1995, PLA became very well known in the computer underground for their odd contributions to the text zine scene. Most hacker and phreak related bulletin board systems carried the series of PLA text files.

The PLA text files continued until mid-1997, when RBCP suddenly put an end to them. Though the text files ended, the PLA never slowed down. Their website continued to flourish, PLA TV was born, and several prank call CDs were released. The PLA community continued to grow on IRC and on the various PLA Forums. In 2002, RBCP began an internet radio station which he called PLA Radio which still exists today as Cactiradio, along with an IRC channel.

Some time between 2004 and 2005 Madhouse  was formed by Carlito. Madhouse is a live prank show that has existed since 2005. The host of the show is Mexican-American Carlito and Co-Host Milkman. They both meet RBCP within this time. It's broadcast every week on, and to an audience of over 200 listeners. It's also in podcast format for the people who are unable to listen to the live show. In 2014 Madhouse was successed/spun off by Prank Call Nation.

Live Prank Call Shows Edit

List of shows that are by schedule:

List of shows that go on when ever they want to:


  • Pranksgiving Every Thanksgiving (24 hour prank call live show with all of the PCN shows being apart of it.)

Former Shows:

* incidates that they go on when ever they want to besides also being on schedule

Victims Edit

Name of Call Show Callers Victim Ref
Prank Call - It's An Atlas Pranksgiving Madhouse Radio Carlito, Dark Stranger, and Dwight Atlas and His Mom [4]
BTR Teen Dating Mop Riding With Dwight Dwight the Jantior, RBCP, and various callers from the IRC. Rita and Janice [5]
BTR Rita and Mike Mop Riding With Dwight Dwight, Carlito, Neon, and some Callers from the IRC Rita and Mike [6]
Comcast Myjah 1/2 Mop Riding With Dwight Dwight Myjah [7]
Comcast Myjah 2/2 Mop Riding With Dwight Dwight and Gilmour Myjah [8]
Call to JDF Mop Riding With Dwight Dwight, sl0th_, and JagTV Jason David Frank [9]
Never, Ever, Ever Prank Call Dwight The Janitor The Art of Phone Larking Jiad, Dwight, and Lama Andre [10]
The Big Ass Epic Layaway Fight Madhouse Radio RBCP, Jiad, Carlito, and Dwight Eboni [11]
Two Insane Hunters The Art of Phone Larking Jiad and Carlito Two Male [12]
God Bless You Madhouse Live Carlito Church pastor and a woman [13]
Stolen iPhone Machine Part 1 Madhouse Live Carlito Casino Employees [14]
Stolen iPhone Machine Part 2 Madhouse Live Carlito Hotel Worker [15]
Yellow Nextels Madhouse Live Carlito Construction Workers [16]
D&D Priest Madhouse Live Carlito and some random caller Hobby Store Employees [17]



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