Pissed-off Hoosier
Mad farmer
Traditional depiction of the Pissed-off Hoosier.


Prank Call Victim


Todd Stevens


Unknown, believed to be a farmer




Possibly 50's







The Pissed-off Hoosier (real name: Todd Stevens) is an irate victim originally called in December 2013 by American prankster and YouTube uploader Billybob James, using a Rick the Mullet Man soundboard.[1] He was later called by Duncan[2] and Officer Ed Powell[3] soundboards in January 2014, he then changed his number shortly after the Officer Ed Powell call, after presumably going to the police about the phone calls. 

Nothing is known about his background, however, he does sound like a heavy smoker, or could have been one at some point.  

A soundboard was made of his voice shortly after the last call to him, it was used to discover Officer Davis


  • "Hello?"
  • "I haven't called you"
  • "I haven't called you dude, I don- I don't know your number, but now I just got your number ya piece of shit!"
  • "Wow..."
  • "Umm, by the way I saved all the messages, so maybe I'll have to stop to stop at the police department and I can tell 'em who's been callin' me!"
  • "You're just fuckin' ignorant!"
  • "Uhh, dude, don't sell yourself short, you're really quite a piece of shit!"
  • "Nah, sorry dude, not this number, I'm at work right now."
  • "They must be comin' offa Skype or somethin'."
  • "Umm, Todd Stevens."

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
December 16, 2013 Rick Calls a Pissed off Hoosier Billybob James Pissed-off Hoosier Original call. [1]
January 1, 2014 Billybob James Live 1/1 Billybob James Pissed-off Hoosier This was a live prank call broadcast. [2]
January 10, 2014 Friday Night Pranks- Officer Ed Powell Gets to The Bottom of Things Billybob James Pissed-off Hoosier [3]


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