PrankVideoCompiler attempts to apologize to Duncan
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PrankVideoCompiler attempts to apologize to Duncan is a soundboard prank call made by PrankVideoCompiler. It is the second-ever "apology call" to Duncan, following XxVideoPersonxX's original attempt, who was now being harrassed by "copycat" prank callers.


Call #1

[*phone rings*]
Duncan: Duncan Construction.
PrankVideoCompiler: Happy New Year's Frank!
Duncan: (pause) Who's speakin'?
PrankVideoCompiler: Jack Phillips. How you doin'?
Duncan: So .. what's goin' on bud? What'd you want?
PrankVideoCompiler: I just wanted to call and apologize.
Duncan: Apologize for what?
PrankVideoCompiler: For all these assholes who call you.
Duncan: Yeah. (slight pause) Where do you live?
PrankVideoCompiler: I live in .. Texas.
Duncan: Well, you'll probably be gettin' a visit from the FBI, buddy.
PrankVideoCompiler: Really?
Duncan: So you just keep a-callin' and makin' a damn nuisance of yourself and we'll see.
PrankVideoCompiler: That wasn't me.
Duncan: I beg your pardon?
PrankVideoCompiler: That wasn't me callin' you.
Duncan: Well you've got my number. You've called and I've got your number and so it doesn't matter.
PrankVideoCompiler: Y-you're on the internet though. That's why.
Duncan: Well YOU'RE on the internet too bud.
PrankVideoCompiler: I'm not on the internet.
Duncan: You have a good day ... and say hi to the FBI.
PrankVideoCompiler: No! Don't hang up on me Frank! Frank don't hang up on me!
Duncan: I'm gonna hang up on ya!
PrankVideoCompiler: No don't hang up!
Duncan: I'm gonna hang up on ya!
PrankVideoCompiler: No. Why?
Duncan: You don't tell me what to do.
PrankVideoCompiler: Yeah I do!
Duncan: Ain't you got something you can be doin' besides talkin'? I don't have anything to say to YOU. I just don't want-
PrankVideoCompiler: I just, I just wanted to call and apologize and you're being an ass. I was just sayin'-
Duncan: Well you have! Thank ye', thank ye'. Have a good day. [*hangs up*]
PrankVideoCompiler: Ok...bye legendary man.

[End of call]


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