Public Access Prank Calls


Prank Call Series

Prank Caller(s)

Richard and Sal

Soundboard(s) used

Blue Iris, Crazy Alice, Joe Frazier, Gilbert Gottfried, Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf, Riley Martin, 'Elegant' Elliot Offen, Ben & Rae Stern, Howard Stern, George Takei


various hosts and guests of New York City public access shows


approx. 65 parts, approx. 10 min. a piece

The Public Access Prank Calls were a series of calls made by Richard and Sal to various public access television shows in the New York City area and aired on The Howard Stern Show in the mid- to late-2000s. Because the duo had the resources of the show behind them, they were often able to call in on multiple lines at once and tie up all of the show's lines, often frustrating the hosts and producers of the show to the point the show stopped taking calls.

There were generally three types of calls. The first were those using exclusively live voices, most often Richard and Sal but also occasionally including other employees and interns of The Howard Stern Show and personal friends and family of the duo. During these calls, Richard and Sal often used characters of their own creation to make it appear more than two people were calling. They also occasionally included sound effects and distortion to make it difficult for the hosts and other viewers to understand what the callers were saying.

The second were exclusively soundboard prank calls. Only one of these was made, Ben & Rae Stern call The Point, in which a soundboard of Howard Stern's parents using clips from their own show from the 1980s were used to call a show called The Point involving black politics.

The third type was a combination of the first two, where calls were made using both live voices and soundboards. The soundboards used were often of regular Howard Stern Show guests.

Regular victimsEdit

  • Chess Show
  • Paula Gloria
  • Ghetto Sports
  • Harvey the Science Guy
  • Hugs for Harlem
  • Old Man Russell

Soundboards usedEdit

  • Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf
  • 'Elegant' Elliot Offen
  • Ben & Rae Stern (Howard's parents)

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