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Racist Barmaid
Traditional depiction of the Racist Barmaid


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Barmaid at the Hollywood Tavern







Jennifer the Racist Barmaid is a victim who originated from a Biff Tannen prank call in March 2008. Not much is known about her, except that she works at a place known as the Hollywood Tavern and apparently doesn't like black people; a fact which came to light when she somehow mistook Biff for a black person (never mind that he doesn't even sound black) and called him some racial names. She is also extremely smart-mouthed and, not realizing she was being recorded, egged Biff on every time something was said to her.[1] Ironically, she would later become the first victim of her own soundboard and was not amused to say the least.[2]

Her victim soundboard is not among one of the more popular ones out there, but still managed to gain some significant notoriety after it was used, along with a companion soundboard of the Blockbuster Bitch, to prank call a Denny's restaurant, giving rise to the victim who would later come to be known as the Pissed Off Waitress.[3]


  • "Yeah, you called the Hollywood Tavern?"
  • "This is Jennifer."
  • "Okay, well...good thing we got your number on caller ID and we're gonna get you for harassment!"
  • "Wanna talk some more shit?"
  • "Talk s'more shit, bitch!"
  • "What are you, black?"
  • "Come on, nigger!"
  • "Talk your shit."
  • "Come on, bring it, bitch!"
  • "My man talks more shit than you do!"
  • "Put a fuckin' binky in my mouth, 'cause I can't understand you!"
  • "You must be insecure...'cause I could call somebody and talk a lot of shit...and fuckin'...get nowhere!"
  • "You're that cool and you're fuckin' bad, why don't you show your face at the Hollywood and talk your shit?"
  • "Oooh! Like I haven't been called that before!"

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2008 Biff Tannen calls a Racist Barmaid Gabe B. Racist Barmaid Original call. [1]
2008 The Racist Barmaid calls herself Gabe B. Racist Barmaid [2]
2009 Racist Barmaid & Blockbuster Bitch Prank Calls Gabe B. Pissed-Off Waitress [3]
2009 Racist Barmaid & Junkyard Willie call the Pissed Off Waitress Gabe B. Pissed-Off Waitress [4]
February 8, 2011 Tax Police Prank WorldClassPrankster Female victim [5]



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