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Realm of Darkness

Realm of Darkness is a website dedicated to soundboard prank calls. They have an extremely large, if not the largest, collection of soundboards on the internet. Most soundboard prank calls originate from here.

In June 2012, the "Forum" section of the site went down for "maintenance", due to some upgrade problems that began a few days earlier. After a couple of days, the link to the forum was taken off the main page. Through email correspondence, the owner said that it is unknown whether the forum will be back, due to the loss of several important files necessary to run the software. The forum has yet to make a return.

Victims pageEdit

In early 2010, Realm of Darkness removed their victim prank calls and victim soundboards from the site. This was the result of a series of prank calls known collectively as A Nightmare On Burton Street. Some of these soundboards were restored in a new section called "legends". Later on they renamed legends back to victims, changed their layout and restored the forums.


On the 24th September a cryptic post was made- a big surprise is coming! On the fourth of October a beta version of a new site design was released on It featured a cleaner design with a mobile version that would shift format when the mobile device is changed from portrait to landscape mode. It also featured soundboard apps and downloadable mp3s of soundboard quotes to be used as ringtones. On launch the content of the new features was low (two apps and only Arnold ringtones), but this was because it was only a test site and more content to expand was promised.

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