A reverse prank is a common practice among prank callers to use victims' soundboards on the actual victim. Although seemingly implausible, many victims fail to recognize their own voice, generally leading to the victims essentially insulting and arguing with themselves. The primary consequence of this behavior, is that additional quotes are added to the existing soundboard.

By far, Duncan was reverse pranked the most. The concept likely started with Frank, who was at the receiving end of the first call nmade with his soundboard. His responses in such calls were often of a lighter and more comical nature, as opposed to his more hostile and/or violent remarks. In later calls, he had a tendency to hang up whenever the prank caller utilized the infamous line of, "Hey, has your momma still got, uhh, worms crawling out her pussy?"

Other notable examples include: the frequently humorous exchanging of epithets and obnoxious insults between the Jackass Plumber and his soundboard, as well as both soundboard and the Plumber himself laughing simultaneously; Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer being one of the first people subjected to his soundboard; and the Hotel Jackass, who failed to recall once posing as "Officer Johnson," and thus when confronted with the line, believed he was talking to an actual policeman. He then proceeded to attribute the prank calls to the immature actions of a fellow employee of the Holiday Inn Express location. The Random Asshole dished rather vulgar and bizarre insults the two times he was called with his soundboard. On the second occasion, he at one point paused for several seconds before shouting, "Fuck you, Aaron!" The Drug & Alcohol Lady reiterated and furthered the challenges to "bring it on" made by the audio of herself. She also calmly stated in a response that the clinic kept no database, or documentation of any kind, of clients' cell phone numbers.

More unusual examples include the soundboard of Epic Crazy Lady being used on her husband, who made death threats soon after first hearing the soundboard. Upon asking for an address, he was left bewildered by being told his own home and business address. Amid all this, the actual Epic Crazy Lady interjected, calling "herself" a liar.

In the somewhat legendary case of Irate Black Man being confronted with his own voice, he initially sneered at the idea of being prank called again, and even exclaimed, "Dat sound like me!" Following this, however, he quickly descended into an extremely violent-toned fit of rage. He went so far as to be faintly heard loading his Glock pistol in the background. After resuming the call, he menacingly asked, "My clip is in, bitch. How about yours?"

There have been occasions when the victim recognized their voice, following which they might begin fretting and even panicking. Some victims, while falling short of the self-awareness one would be logically expected to have in a reverse prank, showed little or no interest in talking to the soundboard.

To help viewers distinguish soundboard from actual victim, standard practice is to add bracketed identifiers, generally along the lines of [Soundboard] and the victim's name (e.g., [Duncan]). In many cases, the video will feature the image used to depict the particular victim also flipped in reverse for one or the other to help further clarify which one is speaking.

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