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Rick calls Frank Part 2 was the second part of a series of prank calls by Mr88Nismo, which were made to the late Frank "Duncan" Garrett with the Rick the Mullet Man soundboard. Whereas Part 1 was a single, uninterrupted call of 7 1/2 minutes, Part 2 was more typical of most calls to Duncan, in that they were a string of shorter calls wherein Frank was redialed each time he hung up on the prankster. Again, Frank made references to the infamous A Nightmare on Burton Street series of calls to a neighborhood in Sugar Creek, Missouri.


Call #1

[*Phone Rings*]
Frank: Duncan Construction.
Rick: Hello? I didn't call your house! I've been sitting here on the fuckin'...TV and computer...and all of a sudden you call here, unavailable with your...number blocked. Hello?!
Frank: How did you call me, you...? If my number was blocked, how did you find it?
Rick: One-one-two-one-six Burton Street.
Frank: Oh, you stupid son of a bitch! You don't even know what you're talkin' about.
Rick: Want me---want me to drive down there to Independence? Yeah! Why are you calling here? Hello?!
Frank: What do you want?
Rick: You called me, sir! WHAT?!
Frank: What do you want?
Rick: You called me, sir!
Frank: No, I didn't call ya! Fuck you, I don't---I don't even want to talk to ya!
Rick: Quit callin' here, okay?
Frank: [*hangs up*]

Call #2

[*Phone Rings*]
Frank: Duncan Construction.
Rick: Nobody has called your house from this number.
Frank: Hey, this number is at my house, buddy!
Rick: Zero-zero-zero-zero-one-two. I was trying---
Frank: Quit your goddamn muttering and tell me what you got on your mind.
Rick: I just called your house to see if that was you calling me back so many times! You have called here...a dozen times! The first time, you said I called there, three the last ten minutes at your house. And I have NEVER called your house. Phone records will started...all this conversations, calling me.
Frank: Hey. Hey, let me ask you something: how'd you find my number if you didn't call?
Rick: Yeah! WHAT?!
Frank: HOW'D YOU FIND MY NUMBER, GODDAMNIT??! That's what I said!
Rick: My mama's--- Yeah!
Frank: Yeaah?
Rick: I never called you...tonight...until you started this bullshit, you fuckin' Hoosier, you! I am gonna have you...a-fuckin-rested, do you get that?!
Frank: It's that same cocksucker from northern Missouri, aren't ya? That's been callin' in.
Rick: WHAT?!
Frank: You got 'em all riled up in north Missouri, haven't ya buddy?
Rick: Independence, Missouri.
Frank: Sugar Creek? That ring a bell?
Rick: Yeah!
Frank: Mmmm, I'll bet it does!
Rick: One-one-two-one-six Burton Street, Independence, Missouri, six-four-oh-five-four.
Frank: Hey! I live in Oklahoma, asshole.
Rick: Yeah!
Frank: Well, what would I care about the goddamn address you just gave me?
Rick: Hey, fuck you, motherfucker! I didn't call your fuckin' house! I'm not sayin' you did, it was someone else.
Frank: Got ya, didn't I, bud? Get mad and show your ass.
Rick: WHAT?!
Frank: [*hangs up*]

Call #3

[*Phone Rings*]
Frank: Duncan Construction.
Rick: I'm not gonna put up with your bullshit, okay?
Frank: Mister, I don't give a shit what you're doin'.
Rick: Because once you're in the fuckin'...the fuckin' big house...they ain't gonna give you fuckin' Marlboros and Bud Lite every fuckin' night, you know what I'm sayin'?
Frank: I know what you're sayin'! I heard ya. But I think you're a goddamn idiot, anyway.
Rick: No!
Frank: [*hangs up*]

Call #4

[*Phone Rings*]
Frank: Duncan Construction.
Rick: I didn't call ya, ya motherfucker! Get your fuckin' figures straight!
Frank: Hey, if you're not callin', how come I'm answerin' the goddamn telephone?
Rick: WHAT?!
Frank: Explain this to me: if you're not callin' me, why am I answerin' the telephone?!
Rick: You've called here...a dozen times!
Frank: You're [as] full of shit as a Christmas turkey, buddy.
Rick: No!
Frank: This is a business phone, anyway!
Rick: You got my number.
Frank: I don't even have your number, don't even WANT your number, Unknown!
Rick: This is a---this is a, phone, that you called.
Frank: Well...still unknown.
Rick: No! You need to lose my number, you don't need---
Frank: I think ya---
Rick: WHAT?!
Frank: Hey... WHAT?! Go to hell, you goddamn ignorant motherfucker, you!
Rick: C'mon, Frank! Say something, you son of a bitch!! SPEAK UP, MOTHERFUCKER!!!
Frank: [*hangs up*]

Call #5 (final)

[*Phone Rings*]
Frank: Duncan Construction.
Rick: I got your fuckin'---I got your fuckin' address...and I will be fuckin' callin' you...a fuckin' a few hours.
Frank: You do it, anyway.
Rick: Yeah.
Frank: So, fuck you and the horse you rode in on, okay?
Rick: You need to cool it!
Frank: [*hangs up*]

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Original call at YouTube

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