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Riley Martin calls Mean Mike
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Celebrity Prank Call

Prank Caller

Richard and Sal

Soundboard(s) used

Riley Martin


Mean Mike



Riley Martin calls a pissed off guy named Mike, who gets very enraged when Riley starts mumbling on and on about things that don't make any sense.


Call #1

[*phone rings*]
Mean Mike: Hello.
Riley Martin: Hello Mike. How are you?
Mean Mike: Pretty good.
Riley Martin: How are ya' Mike?
Mean Mike: (pause) Yeah.
Riley Martin: Cool! How ya' been?
Mean Mike: What do ya' need?
Riley Martin: First of all, the Biavians, uh, have a saying: "Qua ummsa lajuwann".
Mean Mike: (mockingly) "Oooooka bakabaka hootin" .. call somebody who gives a shit! [*hangs up*]
Riley Martin: Oh! (laughs)

Call #2

[*phone rings*]
Mean Mike: Hello.
Riley Martin: (laughs) Shout out to ya' Mike.
Mean Mike: Who the fuck is this?!
Riley Martin: This is Riley Martin.
Mean Mike: Get the fuck of my phone!
Riley Martin: Don't you remember us, Friend Martin, from there near the Tigris, Euphrates, and the Nile-
Mean Mike: I don't remember shit! I don't have anything to fuckin' say to you!
Riley Martin: Friend Martin, come out. We have need to speak with you.
Mean Mike: You don't need to speak to me! Get the fuck away from me!
Riley Martin: (starts speaking gibberish)
Mean Mike: What?
Riley Martin: Actually, uh, the, the, uh,-
Mean Mike: FUCK YOU STUPID! [*hangs up*]
Riley Martin: Uh, ves-vus, uh, vestis, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh.. (begins redialing number)

Call #3 (final)

[*phone rings*]
Riley Martin: Are you there? Mike..? You got a question for me big guy?
Mean Mike: more time. One more time you goofy motherfucker and I'm gonna' get the telephone company on your ass!
Riley Martin: (laughs)
Mean Mike: Now hang this God-damn phone up, would ya'?!
Riley Martin: (laughs) Well, thanks for the sentiment.
Mean Mike: Hey, fuck you! [*hangs up*]
Riley Martin: Thanks for calling, man. Shout out to you. (laughs)

Call #4 (final)

Riley Martin: Hello, Bob in Florida.
Mean Mike: What's gonna take to get rid of your goddamned ass, ignorant-
Riley Martin: Uhh, you wanna jump the tachyon.
Mean Mike: Hang this God-damn son-of-a-bitch up right now! I got a caller ID on ya'! Right now!!
Riley Martin: (laughs) The Targisians are obviously reptilian!
Mean Mike: You cocksuckin' piece of shit! Hang the phone up!
Riley Martin: Uh, ok. Take care now
Mean Mike: Good fuckin' riddance! [*hangs up*]

[End of call]


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