Russian Hotel Clerk
Russian Hotel Clerk
Depiction of Russian Hotel Clerk


Prank Call Victim


Hotel employee




early to-mid 40s





Russian Hotel Clerk is a prank call victim who was discovered by Sparisi1122 in July 2008. He was called by Duncan and happily cursed out the caller.[1] Oddly enough, the victim was far more polite when responding to later calls by Drunk Guy and Barack Obama.


  • "Hello and good evening."
  • "Hello moron."
  • "You are an alcoholic."
  • "Go drink some more you son of a bitch."
  • "You son of bitch, you asshole you... you... EVERYTHING!"
  • "Why don't you call your mother, you son of a bitch, you stupid jerk, and ask her when you should come home for that delicious roast? How long has it been since you said "thank you" for the life and everything? You ass-hole..."
  • "Why don't you come here, I show you ass."
  • "Are you stupid again, your calling again?"
  • "You're a tough guy. You talking on the phone. Why dont you come down here you bastard?"
  • "Instead of bothering people, go read a book, you ignorant asshole."
  • "No brains! No education! No nothing!"
  • "Have you been having a few drinks again?"
  • "Tucker how much have you had to drink tonight?"
  • "If you keep talking like that, your teeth are going to fall out."
  • "I know who you are, you are Tucker Hauser, right?"
  • "Tucker you're a nice guy you shouldn't talking like that!"
  • "What did the Eskimos do to you?"

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
July 12, 2008 Duncan Calls A Russian Hotel Clerk Sparisi1122 Russian Hotel Clerk Original call. [1]
August 28, 2008 Drunk Guy Calls The Russian Hotel Clerk Sparisi1122 Russian Hotel Clerk [2]
October 9, 2008 Obama Calls The Russian Hotel Clerk Sparisi1122 Russian Hotel Clerk [3]


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