SBMaker is an open-source application programmed by Prank Hill which allows you to instantly create a soundboard, assuming you already have the quotes that you want to use saved as mp3 files.

This generates an HTML5 soundboard, which will only work in Google Chrome. It will not work in Firefox. You do not need any HTML knowledge to make a soundboard this way! The HTML code is generated automatically by SBMaker.

Version 2.0 of SBMaker is very easy to use. You can download it here:

Or see a screenshot of it here:

What you'll needEdit

  1. The sound files of quotes you want the soundboard to have, saved as mp3 files. Their filenames should be saved in the way that you want them to show up on the soundboard. For example, "Hello, this is Fred.mp3" would show up in the soundboard as "Hello, this is Fred"
  2. Optionally, a .jpg picture you want to use in the soundboard, named "photo.jpg"

Video tutorialEdit

See here for a video guide on how to use SBMaker 2.0:

How to use the new version (2.0)

  1. Download SBMaker version 2.0 here:
  2. Create a folder somewhere for your new soundboard, with any name (example: "bail_bondsman"). Inside of that folder, create a "sounds" folder. Inside of that folder, create a new folder for each category you want to use. For example, a folder called "Greetings", a folder called "Insults", a folder called "Questions", etc. Those should all be located directly inside of the "sounds" folder.
  3. Put your mp3 files into the appropriate category folders.
  4. Open SBMaker. Click the "Open SB Folder" button, and choose your soundboard folder (example: "bail_bondsman").
  5. Configure it as you wish, and click the "Generate soundboard" button to create your soundboard.
  6. Optional: place an image named "photo.jpg" inside of your soundboard's folder. This image, if present, will be displayed in your soundboard.

How to use the old version (1.0)Edit

  1. Download SBMaker as part of an existing soundboard (the Kayla soundboard) here:
  2. Unzip the .zip file you just downloaded.
  3. Replace all of the sounds in the "sounds" folder with sounds of your own. Notice that the sounds are organized into subfolders, such as "questions", "replies", and "statements." These are the categories in which the soundboard's quotes will be organized. For example, "No.mp3" for the quote "No" would go in the "replies" category. You can create your own categories and remove any or all of the existing ones, but all quotes must be organized into categories, i.e., no mp3 files should appear directly in the "sounds" folder.
  4. Double-click the sbmaker.jar file. This is the SBMaker program itself, and it will immediately generate the soundboard as soon as you double-click it (even if you don't notice anything happening when you do so), overwriting the index.html file, which is the soundboard itself.
  5. Open index.html to see and use your new soundboard. You must use Google Chrome, as Mozilla Firefox will not work.
  6. Optional: replace the photo.jpg file with your own photo.
  7. Optional: if you know some basic HTML, you can open up the index.html file in your text editor and change the name of the soundboard and add a link to your YouTube channel.

Advanced tips and notesEdit

  • If you want to use a question mark in your quote's text, you can type (Q). You cannot directly type ?, because Windows will not let you save filenames containing question marks. SBMaker will automatically detect (Q) in your filename and display it as a question mark in the actual soundboard.
  • You cannot use periods in your quotes, otherwise the quote will show up wrong. You can, however, use commas and exclamation points.

Source codeEdit

Prank Hill has released the Java source code to SBMaker 2.0, which can be seen here on SourceForge: It is recommended that you use NetBeans IDE to compile it.

See alsoEdit

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