This article is about the Santa Claus soundboard.  Details about the character can be found at Wikipedia.  Not to be conused with the Bum Santa soundboard

Santa Claus
Santa Claus
ROD's 1st Depiction of Santa Claus


Celebrity Soundboards


Gift giver




North Pole

The Santa Claus soundboard is notable for containing no insults or angry statements, but has nonetheless received hostile responses from victims.  It is most frequently used at the Holidays.

Quotes of Santa ClausEdit

  • Ho Ho Ho!
  • Hello?
  • Do you know who this is?
  • Have you been a good little girl?
  • Have you been naughty
  • You haven't written
  • What would you like for Christmas this year?
  • Me?
  • Thanks you sack of shit !
  • Santa's watching you!

Calls featuring Santa ClausEdit

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