Satanic British Lawyer
Traditional Depiction of Satanic British Lawyer


Prank Call Victim




England, United Kingdom


early to-mid 50s





Satanic British Lawyer (also called British Lawyer or The Satanic Lawyer) is a prank call victim of the Satanic Racist. He was discovered by MistahBlonde on September 1, 2009.[1] His original call was considered lost until being reuploaded by TheZodiac on November 13, 2012. The final call was rediscovered and uploaded by 1ex1uger two months earlier.[2] A followup call with Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer is still missing however.

The British Lawyer's popularity comes from his incredulous responses to the Satanic Racist, often repeating the caller's statements word-for-word, unintentionally recreating several of Satanic Racist's quotes in a polite British accent.

Soundboard Prank Calls Edit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
September 1, 2009 Satanic Racist Calls A British Lawyer MistahBlonde Satanic British Lawyer Original call. [1][3]
September 1, 2009 Tom Calls the British Lawyer MistahBlonde Satanic British Lawyer [1]
September 1, 2009 The Satanic Lawyer Snaps MistahBlonde Satanic British Lawyer [4]
January 20, 2012 British Bitch, Tony the Racist, Mark the Wanker, British Lawyer call Britain N/A [5]
February 18, 2012 Super Prank Call Celebration N/A [6]
N/A The Gang Prank Call The Lesbian Teens! N/A [7]
August 20, 2012 The Satanic Lawyer (PTDA) N/A [8]
September 10, 2012 Back to School Prank Call ft. The Satanic Lawyer N/A [9]
October 22, 2012 Halloween Hijinks with Duncan & Friends 1ex1uger Various [10]
December 13, 2012 Satanic British Lawyer calls the Redneck Roofer Zamot83 Redneck Roofer [11]

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