Sergeant Martic
Sgt martic
Traditional depiction of Sergeant Martic


Prank Call Victim


Police officer

Place of employment

Fairview, New Jersey police department


Unknown, possibly New Jersey or New York


early to-mid 40s





Sergeant Martic
Actual likeness of Sergeant Martic. Taken at a Read Across America 2013 event at Number Three School in Fairview, NJ.


Sergeant Martic (full name: Michael Martic) is a prank call victim procured July 24, 2013 by CalledFromPalmdale using the Rick the Mullet Man soundboard, and an officer in the Fairview, NJ police department. The pranker, first using Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer, called a male victim who fought with Tom for roughly 2 minutes.

When the pranker redialed Sergeant Martic picked up and, according to Martic, the male victim that was originally called went to the police station and handed him the phone. Martic argued with Rick the Mullet Man for roughly 6 and a half minutes. Martic kept a somewhat annoyed/frustrated tone throughout the call, but refrained from ever "exploding" at all.[1]

Sergeant Martic, as well as the victim, speak rather aggressively with a New York-area accent, similar to New York City Cunt, adding to the hilarity of the "cawls".


Wilford Brimley created a soundboard of Martic using Prank Hill's SBMaker. With 87 lines it is the largest cop soundboard currently available. It also has many information lines (name, phone number, location, badge number, etc.) making it seem more like an authentic cop when calling victims.

Prank Calls

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
July 24, 2013 TOM AND RICK MADNESS CalledFromPalmdale Male Victim
Sergeant Martic
Original call. [1]
July 31, 2013 Bailbondsh, *NEW* Sergeant Martic, and Dave Morgan call a Smug 12 Year Old Kid Wilford Brimley 12 year old [2]


TOM AND RICK MADNESS (Original call to Martic)

TOM AND RICK MADNESS (Original call to Martic)

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