A screenshot of the main page of is a large website which, despite the misleading name, does not actually offer any soundboards.

Instead, it claims to have single-handedly reinvented the concept of a soundboard with it's own version - a playlist of (usually) short sound clips with the familiar play, pause, and next buttons you would find in any standard media player software.


The website can potentially come in useful for various purposes. Due to the considerable number of contributors to the site, a decent number of interesting sound clips (particularly sound effects) can be found there. Creators need only upload their desired clips, and do not have any design input into the soundboard itself, meaning just about anyone can create a 'soundboard.' However, their design format - usually a simple list of clips in alphabetical order - makes them useless for prank calling.

Criticism of the website

There are two main problems the soundboard prank calling community has with this website in general:

  • The name,, is not only misleading, but alludes to a claimed reinvention of what a 'soundboard' is. Their concept, whilst providing a potential source of interesting soundclips and offering a completely idiot-proof system of creation, is overall far less inventive, humorous and practical than the many brilliantly designed soundboards created by the Soundboard Prank Call community.
  • The website also has an extremely arrogant and dismissive attitude to the traditionally created soundboards that are not hosted on its website. The best example of this would be the following statement, quoted from its FAQ section:
Q. Aren't Soundboards Used To Make Prank Phone Calls?
A. Traditionally yes but that is NOT what our site is about. We are redefining what a soundboard is and trying to bring it into the mainstream. Prank phone calls are great - if you're 13 years old.
Our site is designed to be a 'library of sound' we think the 'soundboard' is a terrific media to deliver short and entertaining sound bites you can explore and share.
Soundboards aren't for prank calls anymore - they are for SOUND. All types of sounds from Churchill to kids to music and travel.

So in other words, they have copied the name of an existing concept and claimed that the apparent wonderful supremacy of their own version has consigned any previous type of soundboard and its use to the history books. Prank calls are apparently for the 13 year old demographic only and thus must feature very low levels of wit and humour, obviously far too low-brow for these noble gentlefolk who wish to collect SOUND, such as clips of politicians and children. Never mind the fact that the only soundboard prank calls usually produced by pranksters as young as 13 are the highly unskilled, microphone-recorded variety that can be found on YouTube, with the mouse and keyboard audible in the background. These usually generate a mere handful of views and are universally panned by all skilled soundboard pranksters that come across them.

The attitude taken by the website is scarcely even noticed by anyone in the Soundboard Prank Calling community, or any of its millions of listeners on YouTube and elsewhere. Needless to say, on the rare occasions it has, the website as a whole has been sneered at.

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