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The Gay Florist or simply Florist, (real name: Don Rose, April 26th, 1947 – February 26th, 2013) was a prank call victim and the owner of Foley's Florist & Gifts in Berea, Kentucky. He was pranked numerous times, both with and without soundboards. The original prank calls to the Gay Florist were made by a radio show that was requesting his services for a gay S&M wedding. Later, his phone number was discovered by the Prank Calling Community and he was called repeatedly with soundboards of Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer and Duncan among others. The prolific prankster, Xaozzz, was the first to call him. The Gay Florist's victim soundboard, created using quotes from these early calls, has since been used against countless victims, including such notable ones as the Irate Black Man and the Harlem Barber. His soundboard also has the distinction of being the last one used to call the Epic Crazy Lady, before she blocked her number.

For years all of the original calls to him were believed to be lost, however, the early calls to him from Duncan and Tom the Pissed Off Roofer surfaced on Realm of Darkness in August 2011. Other calls remain lost.

Sadly, on August 30, 2013, it was discovered by the Prank Calling Community that Mr. Rose had been deceased for 6 months, having passed away on Tuesday, February 26th, 2013. A cause of death was not listed, but it was stated that he died "peacefully" in his home at 592 Chestnut Street #6 in Berea, which is apparently an upstairs apartment in the same building as his floral shop.

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*...about Xaozzz, one of the original Duncan callers, once phoned the victim and apologized using his real voice?

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