Springfield Cop
Springfield Cop
Zamot83's Depiction of Springfield Cop


Prank Call Victim


Police officer


Springfield, Illinois


early to-mid 40s





Springfield Cop is a prank call victim who was discovered around 2010. The original call was made by TheGoldenPhone, who was called by this police officer after apparently callling another person who reported this to the police. TheGoldenPhone answered with a Duncan soundboard and they had a calm conversation. After this, TheGoldenPhone made a soundboard of the officer and called Duncan himself with it, which annoyed Duncan greatly since the officer would not identify himself. Only one soundboard call, "Jesus Lady and Springfield Cop call Frank Garrett Center" by Zamot83, is known to exist other than the one to Duncan.[1]


  • "Hello? W-who is this that I'm speaking with here? I-I'm not ... I've spoken to several people here."
  • "Well, I'm receiving, uh, I just took a report this morning from one of our local residents, and they recieved a phone call from this number, and the subject knew their name and, uh, threatened to kill them."
  • "And this is Frank Garrett?"
  • "Construction company, Duncan Construction?"
  • "Sir, uh, have you been calling anywhere in the Springfield, Illinois area or someone from this phone calling?"
  • "Do y-, I mean, do you, you don't know, you don't have any idea who this person is that's ... calling? "
  • "Yeah! I'm calling this number because this is the number that my victim gave me."
  • "Have you, have you been getting prank calls too?"'
  • "Are they making... have you made a police report as well, sir?"
  • "You don't know him, but you'd like to, OK."
  • "Is somebody using your phone sir or..?"
  • "Sir when I first called this number there was, uh, uh, a gentleman on there that was really kinda .. kinda irate. Uhh, do y- w-who was THAT?"
  • "Could you spell the name of the city that you're in?"

Prank Calls

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Another Cop calls Duncan again TheGoldenPhone Springfield Cop
November 13, 2012 Jesus Lady and Springfield Cop call Frank Garrett Center Zamot83 Female victims [1]