Stilwell Flower Shop
Stilwell flower shop
Actual photo of Everything Nice Flowers & More


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201 S 2nd St
Stilwell, Oklahoma

Additional Info

One of the many Duncan-related calls removed from YouTube during the 2011 Duncan Scare.

The Stilwell Flower Shop may refer to two floral businesses located in Stilwell, Oklahoma - Colleen's Everything Nice Flowers & More and Stilwell Fragrance & Flowers - which were both called at various times by Duncan.[1]

The flower shop was one of businesses called immediately after Frank Garrett's death on July 3, 2011. A female employee of Stilwell Flowers told one caller that "...they buried Frank Garrett last week. There were several orders of flowers, but I didn't get to go to the service, and I just don't know how many people was [sic] there, but [his passing] was very sad. I did know Frank...Frank was always nice to me."[2]

Fragrance & Flowers was called a final time by DuncansGhost on October 5, 2011, three months after the death of Frank Garrett's death.[3]


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