The Gun Owner
Traditional depiction of The Gun Owner.


Prank Call Victim



Ottumwa, Iowa


early to-mid 40s




Divorced, has at least one daughter

The Gun Owner (real name: John) is a prank call victim known for his violent threats who was discovered by TotalRedial. He was first called by Richard Hudson[1] and then by Southern High Society.[2] A final call was made with Rick the Mullet Man and The Gun Owner insisted that he had called his 14 year old daughter's cell phone.[3] The conversation took an even more disturbing turn when the victim accused Rick of being involved a supposedly real-life plot by his ex-wife, along with two other men from Oklahoma, to have him killed.[4] A victim soundboard was later created but later lost, along with all of The Gun Owner calls, when the prankster closed his YouTube account and Wordpress blog.

The Gun Owner calls and soundboard were brought back when an anonymous soundboard fan opened "TotalRedialArchive", a tribute YouTube channel to the retired prankster.


  • "What'd you say?"
  • "Don't think so."
  • "Huh?"
  • "Who is this?"
  • "Who the fuck is this?"
  • "You heard me."
  • "Don't fuck with me bud."
  • "I don't give a fuck."
  • "Frank Garrett?"
  • "I didn't call anybody. You called me."
  • "You're callin' the wrong motherfucker here boy."
  • "No, you called me ... again."
  • "No, you called me. What's my name?"
  • "Hell, I got you recorded too."
  • "I don't know. Somebody made a call, somebody from my phone over a car deal maybe but I never called anybody."
  • "You got the wrong goddamed number. I've been on my motorcycle all fuckin' day. I haven't called anybody. I let some fuckin' bitch use my phone to call on a goddamn car earlier. It's the first time my phone's been fuckin' used."
  • "You got the WRONG fuckin' number, man."
  • "I never called YOU, you stupid motherfuck!"
  • "I know MY phone ain't fuckin' callin."
  • "You ARE talkin .. to a fuckin' police officer."
  • "You know what kind of trouble you're gonna be in? Yeah, you just called the wrong motherfucker bud. You just called a fuckin' police officer. Now you're threatenin' to bl-burn my house down? I will have your ass. I'll track your fuckin' ass son."
  • "You threatenin' to burn my house down?"
  • "And now you're fuckin' calling me running your fuckin' mouth threatening to kill me and shit? This ain't lookin' good for you bud."
  • "I'll tell ya' what fuck. I got this little program on my phone and this, I can track you down where your at. And when I DO find you I'm gonna fuckin' hurt you."
  • "I never FUCKIN' called you. Bullshit. My phone's been locked."
  • "YOU got the wrong number motherfucker."
  • "I'd say you got the wrong fuckin' number. Otherwise you just got yourself in a bunch of shit 'cause I WILL track your ass."
  • "Come on down."
  • "I don't just hand out addresses to people."
  • "Where you at bud?"
  • "So what are you doin' calling me? How'd you get my number?"
  • "What number did you try to call bud?"
  • "I can drive and find you. I can track you through the fuckin' satallite bud."
  • "I'll tell YOU what. I'm gonna stomp your fuckin' ass boy."
  • "Come on fuck. I'll meet you at the truck stop on Highway 63. You wanna meet? Come on motherfucker."
  • "Well I can be at the truckstop in five fuckin' minutes."
  • "You called the wrong fuckin' number. I don't know who the fuck you think you're talkin' to."
  • "I got a phone tracker right here on my goddamn phone. I can drive into town and talk to my cop buddies and fuckin' have 'em come up there and come see you."
  • "I got your goddamn number right here that says you did bud."
  • "I've got the caller ID right ere to prove it bud."
  • "What number is this anyway?"
  • "This past fuckin' two days I've had the police come and inform me of a fuckin' plot to have me killed by my ex-wife and her husband. You're involved in a conspiracy to put a hit out on me."
  • "I've already had cops here talkin' to me about it."
  • "What the fuck you callin' my daughter's phone for?"
  • "It's my daughter's phone. So if I find out your some kind of pedophile I'll tell you what .. you're gonna be in trouble. This is my girl's phone."
  • "This is MY fucking' daughter's phone son."
  • "You called my daughter's PHONE."
  • "Why you callin' my daughter's phone, yeah. I wanna know why?"
  • "I'll cut your fuckin' dick off and duct-tape it in your fuckin' mouth!"

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Drunk Al's Friend Calls The Gun Owner TotalRedial The Gun Owner Original call. [1]
N/A Southern High Society Calls The Gun Owner TotalRedial The Gun Owner [2]
N/A Rick Calls the Gun Owner TotalRedial The Gun Owner [3][4]
N/A The Gun Owner Calls Some Women Folk TotalRedial Female victims [5]
N/A The Gun Owner Calls a Texan TotalRedial Male victim [6]


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